Neighbours sinks to 386,000

Ahead of plans for it to become flagship show on ELEVEN, Neighbours hits an alarming low figure.

On Friday night TEN’s Neighbours hit an alarming low figure of just 386,000 viewers.

The soap trailled Today Tonight on 1.1m viewers and A Current Affair‘s 897,a000.

Viewing numbers for TEN were down across the night with only a 15.8% network share.

Its top audience for the night was TEN News on 702,000 -even Junior MasterChef slumped to 657,000.

The switch-off is part of the reason TEN wants to address its 6-7pm hour in 2011. But part of the plan is for Neighbours to shift to ELEVEN as one of the flagship shows.

With figures like that it may have its work cut out. Regional Neighbours fans are also still waiting to learn if they will lose the show if ELEVEN isn’t transmitted in some rural areas.

Neighbours‘ top audience for the week was 590,000 on Monday.

Week 44

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  1. Neighbours has its moments, some good, some bad. At the moment, its just boring. They’ve dragged out pretty much all of the current story arcs.

    Added to that is the fact its getting warmer and its still bright daylight at 6.30pm. Plenty of us still outside at 6.30pm now, unlike winter when its dark and cold and so you head indoors to watch tv.

  2. I used to love Neighbours as well, but stopped watching about 5 years ago as I just couldn’t be bothered with it. I think moving it to eleven is still a good idea, and maybe if possible they could just leave it on WIN or the relevant regional channel in the respective state.

  3. The difference between why Coronation St is UK’s no:1 soap is they have 15 fantastic writers who know how to write serious drama and humour. I get the feeling Neighbours is written by a bunch of young inexperienced writers.

  4. neighbours need to be on at 730 on 11 pg rating give us a chance to make a story lines up to have any chance to live ive been watching it since the kylie days, live wouldnt be the same with out it is there room with 2 soaps on aussie tv??

  5. Poor old Neighbours. It’s been going for 25 years – a very good effort.

    It will be around for awhile yet due to its UK contract, but it does need lightening up badly. It should go right back to what made it such a hit when it began – light drama with lots of humour arising from everyday situations.

    It’s all very well to be dramatic, but without the humour to back it up it all becomes quite depressing and dull after awhile.

  6. Wow that’s low,the change might be just what they need to allow more juicer story lines when they go to PG on Channel 11.The show won’t be cancelled there is to much interest overseas for that to happen,but maybe some changes are required,to get people tuning in again.I prefer Neighbours over Home And Away as well.Home And Away always has the same old storylines someone in hospital,someone being stalked,being killed etc,boring.

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