Neighbours sinks to 386,000

On Friday night TEN’s Neighbours hit an alarming low figure of just 386,000 viewers.

The soap trailled Today Tonight on 1.1m viewers and A Current Affair‘s 897,a000.

Viewing numbers for TEN were down across the night with only a 15.8% network share.

Its top audience for the night was TEN News on 702,000 -even Junior MasterChef slumped to 657,000.

The switch-off is part of the reason TEN wants to address its 6-7pm hour in 2011. But part of the plan is for Neighbours to shift to ELEVEN as one of the flagship shows.

With figures like that it may have its work cut out. Regional Neighbours fans are also still waiting to learn if they will lose the show if ELEVEN isn’t transmitted in some rural areas.

Neighbours‘ top audience for the week was 590,000 on Monday.

Week 44


  1. I used to love Neighbours, but now its just terrible, so depressing and boring. Micheal has a good point about Chris character disappearing after the being gay storyline. Honestly the writers/decision makers need to be replaced, not the show. I really hope they get on hear and read these comments.

  2. How much influence does Susan Bower have over the writers I wonder? I ask because the writing used to be pretty good so what has changed? New writers? Or the existing writers are being told to go in a different direction?

    Whatever the reason, it ain’t working for ya so hurry up and have some crisis meetings and sort it for crying out loud!!

  3. This is what happens when you have rubbish storylines for over a year.
    Add in some awful actors and you have the disaster that Neighbours is.
    With the biggest dead weight leaving soon(Erin you cannot act) they have an opportunity to improve things but this is unlikely under the current leadership.
    They will fail to break 200k when it switches to 11 and the people who cannot get 11 should thank their lucky stars as they will get 2.5 hours of their life back every week.
    The only way to save it is to combine it with Cops LAC.The show would be so bad that it would become “must watch.”

  4. Is it any wonder? Not even Margot Robbie can inspire me to endure the utterly depressing story lines anymore.

    For months I’ve been tortured by Steph’s endless problems and dramas – not fun.

    After all this trauma, I’m then expected to watch Rebecca’s miserable relationship with Paul?

    The show is utter misery, and full of irritating characters. Summer and Tash are the only characters I like, but they can’t help me put up with the rest of the crud, especially since their both infatuated with the utterly unlikable Andrew.

  5. they need to get rid of a few characters – Andrew Robinson, what accent is that anyway? its some sort of half scottish and half aussie, Lyn Scully – a pain in the backside and what happened to the gay storyline? its obviously been quitely dropped, Chris has not been seen for nearly 6 weeks

  6. Is there a movie or story about someone that was made immortal, but now lives with out their friends and family, and can never obtain their past glory? That’s what i feel has happened to Neighbours, it’s like the British deal that guaratees it’s long life is now more of a curse than a blessing. Ofcouse it dosn’t help when they have awful storylines like killing off a young chahracter a month after his wedding in a story line he had nothing to do with.

  7. Do Ten or Fremantle get the huge amounts of money that five (uk) pay for the rights to screen this in the UK?

    I imagine the best solution for those that are eleven-less next year is to have an omnibus screening on ten during the weekend.

  8. iut’s time for neighbours to finally be retired. it’s been very ordinary for years and writers keep shooting themselves in with ordinary story lines

  9. Also the demo I think neighbours appeals to just does not watch much TV much anymore. It’s all facebook videogames YouTube etc.
    Also I think society has changed and viewing habits are so different that a nightly serialized soap just does not work in 2010. It’s hard enough to get people to commit to a weekly serialized show yet alone nightly. People want dip I’m dip out programming. Neighbours is not accessible in the slightest. ESP at 630. Who is home every night at 630?

  10. I know you love this show, David, but i have tried several times to get into it and every time i end up bored … sorry … i agree with the comment about Coronation Street … humour and charm are lacking, it is too serious, the acting is not really convincing and the cast is not engaging enough … the setting is too restrictive also.

    This is the reasons that i love Home & Away, lots of charm, humour, captivating cast and engaging stories in a beautiful, open Aussie setting.

    • That’s some exaggeration Jack. There’s some affection for Neighbours yes, I think like most Aussies have, but it’s been ages since I watched a full episode. It’s one of s number of shows I tend to drop in to see how it’s faring from time to time. Doesn’t stop me reporting things as necessary as I have here.

  11. ten should try a new soap and axe neighbours lets face it couldnt have worse ratings than neighbours

    i hope if they do have a new current affairs style show it is not a copy of a crappy affair or trash tonight i am geting so sick of seeing the same stories re hashed over and over again would be good to have something decent on at 6:30 currently there is nothing worth watching

  12. This year I stopped watching Neighbours on a regular basis. I now catch an episode about twice a month. The show was so bad last year and leading into this year I couldnt tolerate it any more. Everything revolved around Donna making an idiot of herself and over reacting, Zeke being a total loser (yet again), Lou being an embarrassment for the show (does Tom Oliver not want a say in how bad his character is getting), or some other painful to watch storyline.

    They need to get rid of Andrew Robinson, Summer #2, and that new girl in number 32. Bring in some new families. With the major exits this year and early next year of long running cast, the short timers who are not good would be able to exit with no big loss. Ohh.. and move Susan Bower to the props department or something where she has no control over the direction of the show.

    The only good thing about Neigbours are Karl, Susan and Rebecca.

  13. This makes me so sad. If only Neighbours hadn’t been put in the wrong hands, it could have easily become the 6.30 version of Rafters. Which is what it was in the good old days anyway.

  14. What do you expect? With Ch10 it’s either Reality Shows or The Simpsons on Ch10.
    Their programming department has been pathetic for years. It’s a wonder they haven’t been fired yet!

  15. That’s because the acting is terriable, the sets share the same quality as Doctor Who in the early years and the entire show is based around a drive-way…

    Home and Away is not always great, but atleast their sets are nicer and do film large portions outdoors.

  16. Very sad! I’m a loyal Neighbours fan and the show is probably half good/half bad like any soap is. I just wish the writers will start being a bit tighter with the storylines and write things that matter. Storylines that viewers can care about.

    Honestly, who cares about Michael and that lady he met? Stretched out for weeks and it seems the only reason they wrote it was the do that UK find a star competition to cast Poppy (the sister, i think!).

  17. Just comparing with last week’s figures, and the majority of the drop in viewers was in Sydney. I was expecting Melbourne given that people were going away on their “long weekend”. What was going on in Sydney on Friday?
    Looks like most shows were lower somewhat this week than last, possibly due to the nice weather on Friday, and Neighbours at 6:30 is just too early for people to be home in the warmer months to sit and watch TV. H&A is more “dinnertime” and didn’t lose as many viewers.

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