Renewed: Rush

As previously tipped, Rush has been renewed by TEN for 13 episodes.

As previously tipped, Rush has been renewed by TEN for 13 episodes.

TEN’s Executive Producer of Drama and Production, Rick Maier, said, “Rush continues to deliver great stories, great stunts and some of the best performances on TV. We’re delighted to announce our favourite (AFI nominated) action series will be back next year.”

Producer John Edwards added, “A 13 part mini series gives us the chance to tell a much bigger story across the season, to stretch our characters and open them up to a wider world. It’s very exciting.”

The series joins Offspring and Neighbours as on-going drama projects for TEN in 2011, while Inside Out has also been announced.

Rush is a Southern Star John Edwards Production for Network TEN.

It resumes filming in mid-2011.

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  1. Even though the ratings would indicate a renewal wouldn’t happen the network finally uses some common sense.
    This is a very good Aussie drama with an excellent cast.There have been too few of these over the years so we should make the most of it while we can.
    I’d be surprised if a fifth season gets commissioned but if they give it the right support/night with better promotion perhaps there will be more than just one more year.
    I do think they blew a chance in last weeks episode to get rid of Shannon.Her character has never really fit into the series and it is no surprise ratings have dropped since her inclusion.
    However this is a good watch every week and I’m looking forward to the rest of this series and the fourth one next year.

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