“Farmer Dave” in parachuting accident

Former Big Brother housemate David Graham underwent surgery on Monday night after being seriously injured in a parachuting accident in Brisbane.

News Limited reports he snapped ligaments in his broken ankle, breaking his leg and crushing his hand.

Graham, 31, was coming in for a landing when he bent only one leg and had no feet together when he landedon the ground.

The accident occured during his second jump, while getting his A&B license to enable him to join the First 24 Hour Foundation’s rescue team.

“I’m one of those people who believes in getting back on the horse, but after the surgery I’m going to spend some time thinking about whether I want to jump out of a plane again,” he said.

“I just keep flashing back to those seconds before I hit the ground and then when I did.”

Last month Graham appeared on Australian Story where he spoke about coming out and living up to the expectations of a father who held traditional views.

“Farmer Dave,” as he is frequently known, became popular with Reality TV fans after his appearance in Big Brother 2006 and later on Dancing with the Stars.

Update: Graham has since left hospital and now faces a long recuperation.

Source: news.com.au


  1. Nice Oliver…. you are clearly a decent and thoughtful human. I’m sure you have done as much for the community as he has to be able to say such a bitchy thing.

  2. So sorry to hear this … have always admired him since his Big Brother days and wish him a speedy and complete recovery!
    Yes, maybe avoid jumping out of planes in the future!

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