Seven: 2011 highlights

Winners & Losers, The Amazing Race Australia, Conviction Kitchen, No Ordinary Family, Downton Abbey, Great Migrations are all coming to Seven.

Seven has now announced some of its highlights for 2011.

The list is long, but not quite complete, promising “many more” shows are also coming.

Absent from the list are The X Factor and Iron Chef Australia.

Here is the list as sent by Seven:

Winners and Losers – new drama series from the makers of Packed to The Rafters – four twenty-something girls meet again at their ten year high school reunion. They were “the losers” at school – have they become winners? Virgina Gay, Melanie Vallejo, Melissa Bergland and Zoe Tuckwell-Smith star as the friends; with Denise Scott, Blair McDonough, Michaela Banas and Francis Greenslade also starring.

The Amazing Race Australia – hosted by Grant Bowler, Aussie teams battle it out around the world to win Australia’s first ‘Amazing Race’.

Conviction Kitchen – new documentary series. Chef Ian Curley opens a restaurant in Brisbane, employing ex-criminals to work as wait staff and apprentice chefs, as they try to turn their lives around. Conviction Kitchen is a show about redemption. Curley – a successful chef and restaurant owner – once spent time in juvenile detention himself, and turned his own life around by becoming a chef.

Returning Australian shows for 2011:
My Kitchen Rules,
Border Security,
Sunday Night,
The Force,
Beauty and the Geek,
Australia’s Got Talent,
Dancing With The Stars,
Packed to the Rafters,
Home and Away,
Better Homes and Gardens,
City Homicide,
Deal or No Deal,
Four Weddings,
World’s Strictest Parents,
Highway Patrol,
The Zoo,
RSPCA Animal Rescue,

and many more…

New International shows for 2011:
Body of Proof – Australia’s Nic Bishop stars alongside Dana Delaney in this brand new drama about a top neurosurgeon turned medical examiner who investigates who or what killed the victims.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour – Academy Award-winner Forrest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo star in the brand new spin-off series to Seven’s top rating crime drama, Criminal Minds.

Detroit 1-8-7 – gritty new drama series about Detroit’s leading Homicide Unit starring The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli.

Downton Abbey – This brand new period drama was the #1 UK drama in 2010. Set in an Edwardian country house in 1912, Downton Abbey portrays the lives of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them.

Great Migrations – One of the most astounding wildlife series ever made. Three years in the making, the migration habits and behaviours of hundreds of species are captured in breath-taking detail using state-of-the-art technology and wonderful stories… all narrated by award-winning actor Alec Baldwin.

Law and Order: Los Angeles
– new drama series using the classic crime-then-punishment storytelling of the landmark original series against the distinctive backdrop of LA – delving into the unique attitudes, cultures and criminal element of the West Coast. Skeet Ulrich and Terrence Howard star.

No Ordinary Family – a new family comedy-drama with a twist! Four family members discover new and unique superpowers after surviving a plane crash in the Amazon. Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Fantastic Four) stars.

Returning International shows for 2011:
30 Rock,
Brothers and Sisters,
Cougar Town,
Criminal Minds,
Desperate Housewives,
Grey’s Anatomy,
How I Met Your Mother,
Private Practice,
The Amazing Race

46 Responses

  1. Winners and Losers sound ok, so does Conviction kitchen. We never know until we watch the season premiere.

    David, I know you’re on your well deserved break, but do you know when Home and Away returns?

  2. Downton Abbey is worth a look – not the sort of drama I’d associate with Seven, but then it wasn’t the sort of drama people associated with ITV either – but it’s quality shone through and hence it pulled in big numbers.

    As for The X Factor – no surprise it’s not mentioned as I doubt any deal would be done yet – even if it was successful. Until this year Simon Cowell’s deal with ITV was year by year and never absolutely confirmed until around the Spring for an autumn return.

  3. Apart from LOLA there is Nothing on this network I want to watch. Ok almost, I’m a big fan of Janeane Garofalo from her stint on West Wing and Forrest Whitaker is a great actor so Suspect Behaviour (Which, if we’re honest is the MO of this entire network.) might be worth a look.

    I’m seriously down on any network that thinks Sandilands is a good investment, here’s a tip Seven, get rid of him.

  4. a lot of shows there, they should really use 7two for some American shows like the ones not mentioned. Im sick of all the British shows they have on all the time, british shows should be on Abc 1&2 like they used to be.

    they should also pick up some more HBO shows besides Hung like Bored To Death, Eastbound & Down, True Blood and Treme, 7two and 7mate should really be showing Adult shows like these instead of the main channel so people without digital will miss out like they are doing with Go, Gem and Eleven.

  5. @ Luke Osman

    Ten never could buy the rights to LOLA. Its NBC Universal which Seven has exclusively now. Seven wouldn’t have given it up either i don’t think. Strangely enough if you take out the football LOLA is actually #5 in NBC’s program ranks. This is higher than Parenthood, Chuck and Community. I think the pilot sucked but i went back for more after that and it has picked up. I think it is building as a good show despite what critics are saying about it.

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