Airdate: The Oprah Winfrey Show: Australian specials

Updated: Four Australian editions of The Oprah Winfrey Show will air in primetime later this month across four nights.

They will be shown at 7:30pm on Wednesday January 19, Thursday January 20, Friday January 21st and Sunday 23rd on TEN.

TEN’s chief programming officer David Mott told TV Tonight that although they would screen before the start of ratings, they would provide good opportunities to promote forthcoming product.

“It will be an important part to our launch strategy for the year. But we are in the hands of where they run those episodes in the US,” he said.

“It would have been nice in Survey but at the end of the day it will still come at an important time as we roll through our line-up.”

Wednesday 19 January:
Oprah begins her Australian adventure with a bang as she lands on Hamilton Island and has a close encounter with a pair of frisky koalas. She enjoys the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef and hosts a beautiful beach barbeque with celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Then, Oprah travels to Uluru where she experiences the spiritual heart of Australia and an unforgettable dinner under the stars with local Aboriginal people. Next up, she meets Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and a crowd of 10,000 in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Plus, some of Oprah’s ultimate American viewers hit the road for a jaw-dropping jaunt through Tasmania.

Thursday 20 January:
Our incredible Australian adventure continues as Oprah gets a first hand look at the Australian
lifestyle. See what happens when she goes knocking on doors, including an unexpected pop-in at one local viewer’s weekly taco night dinner. And, hidden cameras capture the special delivery Oprah had in store for one of her ultimate Aussie viewers who was nine months pregnant! Then, nearly 500 feet above the Sydney Harbor, a brand new world record attempt as Oprah and her audience make their way to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. Plus, our fleet sets sail for a once in a lifetime regatta with Oprah’s first mate, Russell Crowe!

Friday 21 January:
Oprah hosts the first of two shows from the world famous Sydney Opera House in Australia. First, tune in for a tribute to the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin with his wife, Terri, and children, Bindi and Robert. Then, find out what happens when ten-time Grammy® winner Jay-Z helps deliver a million dollar surprise, Oprah welcomes Oscar® winner Russell Crowe, and watch a heartwarming surprise for a dad battling cancer. Ultimate wildest dreams are coming true! Plus, Bon Jovi rocks the stage.

Sunday 23 January: It’s our Australian grand finale from the Sydney Opera
House with U2’s Bono and some of Australia’s best loved stars! First, see actor Hugh Jackman’s headline-making entrance and what happens when he introduces Oprah to the wonders of vegemite. Then, it’s their first interview together – Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban! Plus, thirty-two years after starring in “Grease,” icon Olivia Newton-John joins them as the biggest names from Down Under bring the house down!


  1. Wish Cold Chisel and Jimmy Barnes were on show , Australia has a tremendous amount of talent , I have never been there , I would sure like to go there someday , a great nation and people. bill

  2. @ Cronker You should invest in a digital anttena which will improve you signal. We were in a similar situation and since installing it a few years back, we haven’t looked back!

  3. There’s also a fourth show to be aired on Ten on Sunday, 23 January at 7:30pm which will be the second Opera House show with Bono, Hugh Jackman etc.

    Can’t wait!! 🙂

  4. P.S. it doesn’t matter if your picture was fine with analogue – at any time anything can happen to cause your picture to deteriorate. I’ve had it happen more than once (but now I have perfect picture on all channels, after replacing some ribbon cable in the wall with RF cable).

  5. A, sounds like you need to look at your antenna connections – if it’s a physical cause (“water in the air”) then obviously it was nothing to do with the broadcast signal, but your equipment (being affected by the water). You said that 10 is the worst, so you obviously have issues with multiple channels (due to issues with your connection) – the fact that 10 is the worst doesn’t make it 10’s fault (I started having problems with ABC when I had cable TV installed – it wasn’t the ABC’s fault, but the extra cabling, which I then had to sort out a solution to, and yes, ABC was the only affected channel, but it was demonstrably not their fault. You need to look at your connections, not blame 10).

  6. @ cronker

    When they put Smallville and other shows on HD it did not make me go out and get a HD STB. It just meant I missed out and had to wait for it on DVD. By the way the reason is I had access to a working SD STB so why replace it? Also Ten had the most unreliable digital signal at the time. So I didn’t know if it would work or how many days it wouldn’t. By the way it’s still the most unreliable main channel but Ch 31 (or 44) is now the worst. As some days it works and others it’s just black. And that’s with a new HD STB. Which did improve Ten but it still plays up. Sometimes (last week) on a perfectly sunny and cloudless sky. But mainly when there’s water in the air. I laugh at the claims it’s better and more reliable. Especially the reliable part. Unless you want to claim it reliably doesn’t work and is interfered with so can be unwatchable or barely viewable.

  7. Curtis in Brisbane

    I think that TEN will capture a Huge audience over those three nights, it is a shame that this falls out of the ratings survey as the TEN network needs all the help it can get. I’ll certainly will be glued to the set……..

  8. I’ve never really watched Oprah’s shows before, but looking forward to watching these specials! Would of thought they would of aired Monday-Wednesday instead of Wed-Fri, considering a lot of people go out Friday nights, missing the all important final show?!

  9. Yeah unlucky for TEN that this will on during non-ratings.

    Will these 3 episodes be available on TEN’s catch-up website for those that can’t watch it on TV?

  10. David Mott has a lot to say. Pity it says little to Australian TV viewers.

    If he was smart, he would premiere this “important” load of steaming on Eleven.
    It would make people more interested in digital, he could replay it on FTA

    Unfortunately, we are still waiting for an Australian television messiah.
    If new release TV was Only shown on the digital format, there would be a mass rush for set-top boxes and new TV’s.

    Or isn’t that allowed?

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