Dr. Oz on The Morning Show

Oprah‘s health expert, Dr Oz, is in Australia this week for some whirlwind promo rounds (and a little sightseeing with his family on the side).

He appeared earlier this morning on Sunrise.

Tomorrow he will appear on The Morning Show at 9:50am on Seven.


  1. I have MS the slow type. What treatment is available today.
    I first had electric tpe shocks when I bend my head down. Today my cardiologist new it was MS and for many yars I asked General Practioner what was the reason and they did not know. My present GP sent me for test but I was told that I had to have a injection and that would relieve me of the numbness in my legs. But I said no so sent to neuroligest and he had sesivity test but they medotic. So he a MRI which showed 2 lies ions in my head and had MRI on my spine but no more lesions in my back.
    I am now confined to wheelchair.
    Love your show, you have changed my views on diet on heart such as eggs, thanks Doc.
    Russell Smith.
    Ps I had triple bypas in 1985″

  2. can dr oz please help me, I have RLS [restless leg syndrome] and they are driving me to distraction, they “go off” at all hours day and night and they are getting worse. I am on sinemet but they are next to useless, I have had this now for over 20 years.
    Can you please do a segment on your show about the problem.
    karen williams

  3. Just wondering if Dr Oz helps Australians or not? My sister has a rare form of cancer and has a 20 month old boy, would he be contactable at all? Please

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