Oprah Winfrey to exit TEN’s arvos

It was bound to happen sooner or later…. TEN is about to drop Oprah Winfrey from the afternoon schedule.

The US talk-show host has been a long-term staple of the afternoon schedule, but after ending her series TEN reached a point some time ago when it ran out of fresh episodes.

With Winfrey’s topical subjects it was inevitable the network would have to budge sooner or later. Break out the Kleenex, girls.

From Monday September 19 Winfrey will be replaced by The Doctors.

The network also returns audience favourite Judge Judy to her 3pm timeslot and removes replays of The Renovators. Many TV Tonight readers have been calling for the abrupt judge to be reinstated, in addition to relentless calls for Peter Everett to return to Ready Steady Cook.

Mon Sept 18
12:00 pm Dr Phil
1:00 pm The Doctors
2:00 pm Ready Steady Cook
3:00 pm Judge Judy
3:30 pm Two Guys And A Girl
4:00 pm Huey’s Kitchen
4:30 pm The Bold And The Beautiful


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Oprah has had a huge run practically 20 years on Ten that must be some kind o record. I remember i used to watch Oprah when i was young in primary school whenever i missed school it was ok. Since starting high school i watched almost no episodes and when i finished high school i couldnt stand the show because it was the same over and over again. I am not surprised at this decision so it doesnt effect me.

  2. I have to agree about the whole Peter Everett thing. Colin Lane looks uncomfortable the entire show, and his presentation style is bland. I must admit I have tuned out since his inception.

  3. Hooray! Judge Judy’s back on TEN.
    I’ll miss Oprah (thank goodness for Pay TV where she still reigns as Talkshow Queen).
    Another request for Peter Everett to come back to Ready Stead Cook. He made the show camp and that’s what made it work!

  4. It’s not the end of the world once Oprah goes.You still have the Circle or the view or Ellen.

    It’s a shame we don’t have a night time weekly chat show like Rove anymore though

  5. I forgot about The Talk. I wouldn’t mind seeing that for when theres no one interesting on The View. I’ve seen Tin Doctors and not really interested in it.

  6. What about The Talk, surely they have access to that being a CBS show and all, that way it can go up against The View, because after all TEN already have a doctor show!

  7. They should swap Phil and doctors. Phil is the more recognisable brand and better show and should get the better slot. Last I checked Ellen was beating Phil, Phil could do well against The View.

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