Colbert Report / Daily Show: ABC2 Update

Today ABC2 farewells The Colbert Report while Jon Stewart only has until the end of the month.

Today is the final screening of The Colbert Report on ABC2.

From next week Important Things With Demetri Martin: will air from 7:35pm weeknights.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart remains in schedule until Monday January 31st when it concludes with its Global Edition.

From Tuesday February 1st Spicks and Specks repeats will air weeknights at 7pm.

Both US shows will revert back to the exclusive domain of the Comedy Channel.

Fun while it lasted….

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  1. Fuxtel- never ever will I pay for ads…funny how Foxtel can only get about 25% saturation of their pay TV, that because people who get it find they have been duped and as soon as their shitty contract ends they are gone forever, and their kids see how crap it is against the net…….end game for Pay TV won’t be far away..
    bye bye for now Colbert

  2. There just isn’t an alternative …. Now there’s nothing for me to watch and I’m certainly not getting payTV. It’s back to Comedy Central and maybe a more comfortable chair for my computer desk.

  3. We gave up Foxtel last year and I was really sad that I lost these two shows and then I discovered that they were on ABC2 and I was happy again. But now, they are gone again… I think I’m gonna cry. Wit and humour is so rare these days, only these two shows treat their audience as intelligent beings.

  4. Ohhhh, crap.

    Stewart’s (& Colbert’s) work in the last year with regard to highlighting issues on

    freedom of religion
    political corruption
    immigration policy
    the shallow populist nature of american political punditry

    has been genuinely brilliant.

    I may have to send my Digital receiver recorder over to record someone else’s pay TV channel

  5. We were pretty lucky to get these two shows on FTA, but any suggestion to defend Foxtel is wrong. Cable is an expensive archaic system that resembles nothing of what it was. An hour of Foxtel is like an hour of FTA, advertising and all. I dropped cable over a year ago because of IInets free bandwidth access to iView. A free full episode of anything ABC streamed, available for days afterwards for replay is a golden age that shows how it is done right. Daily Show and Colbert was a serving of awesome cream on the top. It was just the beginning in my opinion.

    Head over to The Daily Show’s and Colbert Nations websites and let them know how you feel over there 🙂

  6. David Knox,

    In future, could the ABC please inform its audience when something like this happens.

    As others here have pointed out, only were we not informed, we were misinformed. Why were we told that Colbert was on a break?

  7. If Foxtel think this is going to increase my chances of paying for their highly overrated and useless service, they can forget it. Why would I want to pay money to the people who are responsible for taking away a highly enjoyable part of my daily routine? I could afford it, but as a moral consumer, I don’t want to reward this piggish corporate behaviour, that has undoubtedly brought inconvenience and sadness to an awful lot of people.

  8. I didn’t know what was about to happen, and it was a horrid shock when the Colbert Report didn’t turn up yesterday. Thank you for this information, although it breaks my heart. Boo to pay tv. 🙁

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