Colbert Report / Daily Show: ABC2 Update

Today is the final screening of The Colbert Report on ABC2.

From next week Important Things With Demetri Martin: will air from 7:35pm weeknights.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart remains in schedule until Monday January 31st when it concludes with its Global Edition.

From Tuesday February 1st Spicks and Specks repeats will air weeknights at 7pm.

Both US shows will revert back to the exclusive domain of the Comedy Channel.

Fun while it lasted….


  1. I am absolutely miserable that I won’t be able to get my two favourite shows on regular TV any more – it was so lovely having them on ABC2. Yes, I can still watch them on their websites online (for the moment at least) or use “other options”, but I’m really going to miss having them right there without the hassle. Damn you Foxtel, damn you!

  2. Of course I would never suggest anyone go to illegal download sites. Most of the best bits of each night’s show are available for free from the program’s respective websites, and iTunes still has the full episodes available for $9.99 for 15 episodes in Australia.

  3. This is the worst news I’ve heard this year. So far. I’ll have to go back to watching it on the internet, it’s like the Bush years all over again!

  4. No surprise here the ABC as with the other digital channels don’t have money to continue with shows like this.FTA are lucky just to be able to show programs like this in Australia.In America this never happens,anything that shows on cable,is only seen on cable.We are very spoilt in Australia.Foxtel certainly gets the bad end of the stick

  5. Noooooooooo!!!
    First saw this in 2006 in the USA. Loved it from then. Was so happy that ABC started airing it.
    What to do? I know I am not getting pay tv….

  6. Secret Squรฏrrel

    @FlossAus – that’s a good idea. I’d tune in for that whereas I don’t want to see repeats of Demetri Martin (it was good but was on not that long ago).

  7. While Nigel’s idea is lovely – it isn’t all on the Comedy Channel website – only segments are available to us, full episodes are Geo-locked in Australia. Not sure what the deal is with that since we could get the full eps while in Japan but here, no access. I guess it will be partials till we leave Oz again in July. We’re certainly not paying for Foxtel for a single show that isn’t at least 12 months behind…

  8. Tasmanian deโˆšil

    Repeats of Important Things With Demetri Martin and Spicks And Specks? What about Coach Trip, ABC 2 has three seasons to catch up on.

  9. Hey Mr ABC if you’re reading, maybe replace with the about to be launched Onion News? They hit the same satirical notes without the hosts celebrity cache so maybe fees will be lower.

  10. At the end of the day the television business in Australia comes down to who has the best exclusive offerings to entice viewers to watch… and that’s what the Comedy Channel is doing, so they can’t really be blamed. At least they will show them, unlike the free to airs that often buy up a lot of exclusive content and then show it at 1am or not at all… As has been said, if you really want to watch the shows without paying for Foxtel, then they are available online.

  11. I will miss Stephen Colbert! Thank you ABC2 for giving us the chance in the first place to see him.

    Dimitri Martin is very good, but not a patch on SC.

  12. I wondered what was going on… I didn’t understand why ABC2 kept showing effectively the same version of the Colbert Report 4 times in a row (Normal
    & Global editions)… you know, Steve Martin doing his artistic assessment bit.
    Four times (!) that I know of.
    Now it makes more sense… not common sense, but some sense.

  13. Thanks for reporting this, I figured something was up with the ABC saying “Colbert is on a break” and when if you look at the site it clearly wasn’t.

    For all those considering PayTV to watch these show, don’t do it just go to the websites instead, its all there.

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