Larry Hagman locks onto Dallas sequel

Larry Hagman has agreed to participate in a sequel of Dallas.

Hagman will reprise his legendary role of Texan oil baron J.R. Ewing despite earlier stories that he had failed to reach a financial agreement with US cable network TNT.

“I haven’t signed any contract but I gave them my commitment verbally,” says the star, who’ll turn 80 this year. “I just told them I’d do it and my word’s good!”

The updated pilot, written by former Cane writer Cynthia Cidre, finds J.R. confined to a mental asylum in a near catatonic state, having not spoken a word in years.

“Whatever they want is okay with me,” he says.

He is even convinced J.R. won’t be locked away for long.

“Oh, I’ll get out and cause more trouble! That’s for sure!”

The new Dallas will follow the lives of J.R. and Bobby’s sons, John Ross and Christopher Ewing.

Priscilla Presley will also be returning as Jenna Krebbs. Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy have also reportedly been appraoched.

Source: TV Guide


  1. This sounds great … it is a “continuation” rather than a “relaunch” and that will keep it true to the original … which ran for an unbelievable number of years …

  2. Remakes such as Melorose Place and Beverly Hills 90610 (amongst others) have failed miserably but I have a gut feeling that this one could be a ratings goldmine. A remake of Dynasty I think could also work……

  3. LOL I just love the silliness of Dallas. JR in a mental asylum is classic Dallas. Good to see Larry Hagman is still around going strong. He was a great character everyone loved to hate in his heyday on Dallas. I remember seeing a doco on the original series where Larry played hard ball with the producers by heading off to London just as his popularity peaked and them having to pay him a mint to return for the next season. A smart man. He’s also done great work in the anti smoking campaign over many years. I’m sure the new Dallas will be trashy but all good fun too.

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