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US soap opera actor, best known for General Hospital, has died.

US soap opera actor John Reilly, best known for General Hospital, has died, aged 84.

“The brightest light in the world has gone out. Imagine the best person in the world. Now imagine that person being your dad,” his daughter Caitlin wrote on Instagram. “I’m so grateful he was mine. I’m so grateful I got to love him. I’m so grateful I made it in time to hold him and say goodbye. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do, but I know he’ll be with me.”

Reilly played Sean Donely on General Hospital from 1984 – 1995.

His other credits included Apple’s Way, Gunsmoke, As the World Turns, Dallas, Beverly Hills 90210 and Passions.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I used to watch “General Hospital” and I loved John Reilly.
    His character, Sean Donely, was one of a kind – just like the man who played him.
    Sending love to his family, friends and fans. RIP John.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories.

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