The Middle muddle

GO! certainly likes to keep its audience on its toes.

GO! certainly likes to keep its audience on its toes.

Take a look at this line up for Sunday night.

6:30pm The Middle
7:00pm The Middle
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory
8:00pm The Middle
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory
9:00pm The Middle

That’s some programming…..

Meanwhile next week is a bit like playing the old ball and egg cup game.

Hellcats is bumped from Monday to 7:30pm Wednesday (replacing Top Gear) from January 26th. Top Gear moves to 7:30pm Thursday replacing The Middle and The Big Bang Theory.

Wipeout is also out 6:30pm Monday, replaced by The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Movie.

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  1. No, no, no!!! what the hell are they thinking?? I swear i could program better than them. This is what i would do to work around popular shows and trying to build audiences for new shows;
    Sun: 630-Top Gear / 730-Big Bang / 8-The Middle / 830- Human Target / 930-Movie
    Mon: 730-Hellcats / 830-Vampire Diaries / 930- The Bachelor
    Tue: 730-Movie / 930-Movie
    Wed: 730-Top Gear / 830-V / 930-Fringe
    Thur-730-Big Bang / 8-Community / 830-2.5 Men / 9-The Inbetweeners / 930-Nikita
    It’s not that hard? This way they would have plenty of new content mixed in and launching off of already existing shows, and this way its not the 3 same shows repeated 10 times a week

  2. I’ve been keen to try The Middle because I’ve read largely good reviews of it but given Nine/GO’s erratic treatment of it I am never game to give it a try because if I like it who knows when/where it will re-appear in the schedule. Does GO have any real programming strategy nowadays because it seems they just rely on TBBT/2.5 Men/Top Gear and a dartboard for making their programming decisions – and doesn’t bode well for V which returns next week.

  3. From what I can gather, none of those four episodes are new. Is that true? Last Sunday’s 8pm episode was new (The Quarry S2E4). I hope The Middle doesn’t become the new TBBT and get replayed to death.

  4. I’ve been trying to figure out which one is the new one coz I missed the new one last week and had to catch it on fixplay, but as far as I can tell this week are all repeats, is that right?

  5. And 9 wonders why they can’t beat 7 in the ratings.
    BBT is being repeated to death, shame because it really is a good show.
    Top Gear use to be a can’t miss show now a can’t be bothered.
    Havn’t given The Middle a fair go, looks like a poor mans Malcom in the Middle.
    In contrast 72 and 7mate are so consistant with their programing you almost don’t have to check the guide to know whats coming on.

    Abit off topic but congrats to 11 for a good line up.

  6. Will Pretty Little Liars stay on Monday? And at what time? After missing it last week due to it being moved forward an hour, I’m hoping we don’t see a repeat performance. And they wonder why people resort to simply downloading the shows.

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