Airdate: Conviction Kitchen

Conviction Kitchen will premiere in just over ten days and MKR is readying to eliminate its first team.

As tipped, Conviction Kitchen will premiere on Seven at 9:30pm Tuesday February 22nd.

Follow the life-changing journey of twelve ex-criminals as they learn the skills needed to run a high-end restaurant. Led by renowned chef Ian Curley, will these ex-cons take the second chance they’ve been given, or will they break parole and end up back where they started?

This means Parenthood won’t air that night. Conviction Kitchen is expected to switch to 8:30pm Monday the following week (to be confirmed).

Meanwhile on Wednesday February 23rd, My Kitchen Rules has an extended 90 minute episode in which the lowest ranking teams from both groups will battle it out at MKR headquarters.

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  1. Scott I totally agree, these types of criminals shouldn’t be released from prison ever in my opinion. This makes me uncomfortable also. They gave up that right when they committed these disturbing crimes.

    However criminals who have been convicted for lesser crimes (fraud, safe breaking etc.) cost us too much money to keep in prison and should be given a second chance after they have completed their time behind bars.

  2. My guess is that Winners and Losers will be at 9:30pm after Rafters if the move to Mondays for CK is true. Either way one of these 2 shows will be Monday 8:30pm and the other Tuesday 9:30pm.

    Parenthood is going to end up at 10:30pm. There is no doubt in my mind about this. The shows on at 10:30pm are fillers imo on Tuesdays.

  3. if two go back to jail… isn’t it just proof that their whole premise is flawed? Isn’t the point that everyone will needs a second chance, but apparently that didn’t help two of their contenders :S definitely won’t be watching.

  4. The reviews for this show are really positive, I’m looking forward to it, 7 are still advertising winners and losers. It doesn’t seem there are many slots left. If CK does move to Monday they must be holding W&L till after Easter meaning it will have a very lengthy promotion.

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