Logies votes are twice as nice

Initial voting for the 53rd Logie Awards closed last night after a lengthy online only campaign. SMS voting for the Gold will re-open once the nominations have been announced in early April.

The Australian notes today that the 12 week online voting system this year has resulted in twice as many votes.

As revealed last year, the nominations will be revealed in a new-look Sunday evening event on April 3rd. It will be early enough to allow inclusion in Sunday night news programmes.

Previously radio and online (including here) were able to reveal nominees ahead of the official announcement in a nominee breakfast.

The changes to jury voting, which ends network representatives, will be decided by just three peer judges in each category. These decide the Outstanding categories. There are limits in the peer-voted Outstanding categories: 5 actors & actresses per network and 3 shows per category because they have to be viewe by juries.

Other changes this year have included longer nominee lists (networks were no longer limited to the number of submissions), the inclusion of Community TV and aggressive television campaigns for certain shows and identities. But those campaigns have meant some network stars have enjoyed voting campaigns while most miss out.

Meanwhile we are still awaiting the host and Hall of Fame announcements.

The Logies will be held in early May at Crown.

Source: The Australian


  1. Does everyone know that you have been able to vote online without a magazine for years. The only difference this year is that the magazine votes have been completely scrapped. I don’t know why that itself would increase number of votes.

  2. @J Bar The “Logies are all voted for by teens” line is a myth. It may have been true in the 70s and 80s, but it certainly is not true today. 90% of TV Week readers are over 18.

  3. and of course the television industry only exists in the metro markets…. regional TV will once again miss out…. and iam not talking Wollongong and Canberras of the world

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