Bumped: NCIS: Los Angeles. Update: Lie to Me, Modern Family.

Next week NCIS: Los Angeles will move to a new timeslot.

From Tuesday April 5 it airs at 9:40pm. A repeat episode will screen at 10:30pm next Sunday following an NCIS repeat at 9:30pm.

When an antiques dealer is murdered, Hetty and the NCIS team make it their highest priority to find his missing book, which they believe contains top secret information.

Meanwhile there will be a double episode of Lie to Me at 8:30pm Wednesday April 6th.

Episodes: “Beyond Belief / Veronica.”

Finally, next week Modern Family on Sunday is a repeat as we are up to date with the US. Two new eps air in the US in mid-April, but as we are in non-ratings, and then MasterChef it isn’t clear when we might see them. Stay tuned.

Update: This should make it easier to follow guys:

7:30 Modern Family rpt
8:00 Bondi Rescue (new)
8:30 Hawaii Five 0 (new)
9:30 NCIS rpt
10:30 NCIS: LA rpt

8:40 NCIS (new)
9:40 NCIS LA (new)

8:30 Lie to Me (new)
9:30 Lie to Me (new)


  1. Thank god ncis l.a is now after ncis on tues!! It only took 2 months!
    I’m still waiting for a s.v.u goodwife timeslot switch cause i rekon s.v.u would perform alot better @ 8.30 than goodwife and i rekon goodwife would hold onto it’s viewers.
    Hopefully next yr ten get their heads in order and put it’s shows back where they were last yr! esp bondi rescue before ncis on tue!

  2. Good decision! I think NCIS: LA will perform better after the NCIS lead-in as it is in the US. But I think they should remove the repeats because the episodes have been cycled over and over again.

  3. Finally they move LA to where it belongs! The show is not distinctive enough to survive on its own – but should appeal to fans of the original (sort of like Private Practice)

    I watched Modern Family for the first time last night, thats a very funny show!

  4. @ Dylan, I think it may’ve actually been Celebrity Masterchef it was after. But the first episode of NCIS: LA in Australia definately aired on a Wednesday night, despite the fact they used the US ad’s to promote it with the “LA crew” following Abbey down the street.

  5. Lie to me at 8:30, against CM and MKR finale? Hello 12%

    What’s the bet that NCIS:LA will now start to increase and as soon as it gets a decent rating ten will move it again to another strange timeslot and wonder why it has dropped so much.

  6. David @ Green Point

    Which “Modern Family” is the repeat?
    Is it the ep on Sunday, or the repeat eps on Wed?
    If so, it would make it a repeat-repeat.
    Of course, it could be repeat of a repeat of a repeat.
    Please forgive me if I’m repeating myself…

  7. Finally! And thank goodness they’re doing it with that episode. The two parter, ‘Absolution’ and ‘Deliverance’, are a BRrilliant look at Hetty’s past.

  8. I think Ten have left NCIS:LA to drown in its current timeslot for too long. The show is beyond repair with sub 400k figures. What will fill Sunday 9.30?

  9. It would’ve been better to show something new rather than MF repeats. They showed double episodes for two weeks and it rated poorly, so I think this is a bad decision. Also David, new NCIS:LA currently airs at 9:30pm Sundays, not 10:30pm, so are there going to be two repeats now?

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