Detroit 1-8-7 coming soon

US drama Detroit 1-8-7 will be scheduled by Seven shortly.

The crime drama series about Detroit’s homicide unit with “187” being a common policing code for homicide.

“The men and women of Detroit Homicide are as smart and tough as they come. They have to be, working the neighborhoods of the once and future Motor City,” says the ABC website.

The show stars Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Jon Michael Hill, James McDaniel (NYPD Blue), Aisha Hinds (True Blood), Natalie Martinez, D.J. Cotrona and Shaun Majumder.

The show received almost universally positive reviews in the US where it has averaged 8.8m viewers.

The show will be the first new US drama Seven has unveiled in 2011.

Don’t be surprised if this one takes the slot of some Aussie homicide cops soon….


  1. it has always frustrated me that 7 more than any other network does not use their flop US dramas in any way at all, some of them are decent and have lots of episodes. they paid a lot of money for it atleast air it at 10:30 or on a digital channel. so, good to see they are airing this but yes hopefully the time is not too prime. a 10:30 slot would be fine.

  2. meh – while i like crime shows, the first 48 is a far more satisfying show, for me anyway. Not all crimes can be solved in 42 minutes…

  3. Yeah…might have averaged 8 million viewers but it’s barely managing a 1.2 demo rating. It’s not going to make it even past this season.

  4. I don’t think this will go any earlier than 9:30pm. This drama is practically on the scrap heap in the US. Its not a bad show though. Just because it failed in the US doesn’t mean that it will do the same here. We love our cop shows here. I think it will take 9:30pm Wednesday to be honest.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Have to say it doesn’t seem very inspiring. It’ll prob debut moderately well and then drop off to around 500k depending on where they stick it. I’ll prob pass.

  6. Why waste a primetime slot on a show that’s about to be axed in the US? I’d expect them to air Law and Order: Los Angeles or Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour before this, both shows are likely to get second seasons

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