Evil Russell voted out of Survivor

Australian Survivor fans got a long awaited-reward last night when one of the show’s most celebrated / despised / skilled contestants, “Evil” Russell Hantz, was sent packing in just the fourth episode of the season.

But it wasn’t merely that Hantz was eliminated, so much as the circumstances. The proud, defiant Hantz was reduced to tears by the revelation.

Survivor: Redemption Island was the third season for Hantz, whose skill in Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains saw him dominate by repeatedly finding hidden immunity idols. But his constant lying and betrayal of fellow tribe members quickly saw him become a player that viewers loved to hate. It was a badge he wore with dishonour.

Last night Hantz was blind-sided by his tribe, sent to Redemption Island where he had a final chance to fight for a chance against previously-eliminated contestant, Matt. The angry Hantz continued to vow vengeance on his tribe, determined to win the challenge and return to main game.

But in a stunning twist of fate he lost his shot at glory and unable to bear the humiliation tried to hide his tears.

For viewer who had despised his constant bleatings, it was a jaw-dropping Reality TV come-uppance.

But before he left he managed to betray his tribe one last time, passing information to his ‘rival’ tribe.

On the back of some frenzied tribe councils right from the first episode, Survivor: Redemption Island is certainly reminding us why it is still king of the Reality genre.


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