Million Dollar Drop debuts under the magic million

Eddie McGuire's new game show couldn't quite make it to the magic million mark last night, just pipped at the post by Seven's Conviction Kitchen.

Eddie McGuire’s new game show couldn’t quite make it to the magic million mark last night, averaging 933,000 for its first episode. Million Dollar Drop‘s biggest audience was in McGuire’s home city of Melbourne where it won its slot.

Nationally the show was beaten by Seven’s Conviction Kitchen, but not by much. It had 959,000 viewers. The trick for the game show will now be to do exactly what that audience catchcry asks: “Stop the Drop!”

An episode of House, including with a musical number and Hugh Laurie parody of Two and a Half Men, managed 761,000 in the same timeslot, with Four Corners / Media Watch (750,000 / 700,000) and Man vs Wild (297,000) following.

The top show for the night was Today Tonight on a big 1.44m ahead of A Current Affair‘s 1.2m. Both shows tackled Sydney’s bullying story and touched on TV nostalgia with A Country Practice and Rowena Wallace respectively.

Seven News (1.41m) led Nine News (1.28m) but Nine won in Sydney and Melbourne.

Home and Away (1.1m) won at 7pm over ABC News (1m), Two And A Half Men (852,000) and The 7pm Project (732,000).

At 7:30 it was another big win for Seven with My Kitchen Rules (1.39m) over 2 x Two And A Half Men (1.12m / 1.17m), Glee (972,000), 7:30/ Australian Story (785,000 / 772,000) and Mythbusters (281,000).

Brothers and Sisters (767,000) continued a winning run for Seven over Q & A (627,000), Harry’s Law (594,000) and Good News Week (508,000).

6pm with George Negus starts the week with 388,000 and TEN Evening News was 318,000, both were down on last Monday’s numbers, but they were arguably bolstered by the end of a long weekend in some cities, which traditionally helps yield higher numbers.

Footy Classified returned with 241,000 for Nine.

Neighbours was 317,000 on ELEVEN.

Monday all went Seven’s way winning timeslots from 6pm until 10:30pm and taking the night in shares.

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  1. Dear Eddie,

    The Million Dollar Drop is so very exviting and conrestants can get heart attacks. I suggest Eddie you should give away 20k to the contestants of what ever amount stays in play. At the final question you give them an option to choose between what they have in hand and what it left in the tray. Poor contestants why go back empty handed

  2. This show was Dreadful- Eddie was the wrong person and whoever picked that hideous couple to be on should be shot- they were so over the top. The game was too slow- turn it into a half hour show and maybe it could work. I won’t be watching again- i predict next weeks rating will be in the 700’s.

  3. I didn’t mind it but the promos gave away too much (you felt like you saw half of the episode already) and the fact the questions were too easy just meant it was boring. I was waiting for a decent question so they would lose it all. A teenager would have been able to answer most of those questions.

  4. agree with Jason D. The chase is a great show and given the right ‘chaser’ talent would do well here I think.

    the cube on the other hand is drivel. but somewhat addictive. hmm.

  5. It was just too slow. The couple were making me cringe. Crying and holding on to each other. It’s a game. She actually said “this will make our life”. It just had a very unauthentic feel to it. I prefer The Rich List. Bring that back.

  6. like other, I switched over from conviction kitchen on an add break (by accident), and thought MDD was overdrawn and dull. I didn’t like how dragged-out it felt. The couple give their answer, and it then felt like an eternity where they were in eachother arms, looking into eachothers eyes saying words to the effect of “it’s ok baby, I got you” etc etc. Completely overly dragged out. I could almost imagine the couples getting briefed before going on stage – drag out the drama and turn on the water works when we signal you. I found it peculiar how the behaviour of the studio audience didn’t resemble the “sound” of the audience. The looked quite settled, yet they sounded like they were going nuts. Suspicious.

  7. What an awful game show, the questions were so easy and the gameplay was dull. I recently saw a game show in the UK called The Chase, it’s quite riveting, why not bring us some decent game shows.

  8. Unfortunately for 9, Eddie is just too polarising these days. He has been overexposed and there is a significant population who can’t stand him and won’t watch him whatever he does.

    He is a skilled presenter but a huge block of the public, particularly those outside of Victoria, don’t like him and won’t watch him. 9 can’t afford a $5M man with this sort of baggage.

  9. Half of the comments below are exactly what I expected – Eddie haters going on about what a supposed flop it was. To be honest, I think 9 would be happy with the result it got, I mean they wouldn’t have expected it to get 2 million. And what’s to hate so much about Eddie anyway? The reason he hosts so many shows is because he’s actually good at it… shock horror…

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