X Factor is judge’s choice

Update: Kyle Sandilands has confirmed he is not returning to The X Factor, but indicates the other judges are all keen to resume.

In announcing X Factor‘s return, Seven conspicuously left out any confirmation of judges or host.

But it was keen to get the preliminary audition tour underway (that’s the one in which no judges are required).

Today the Daily Telegraph reports only Guy Sebastian is a lock on and that Kyle Sandilands isn’t keen to return due to the time commitment that is required.

Sandilands is known to enjoy being at the centre of TV talent shows, but last year was criticised for not spending enough time mentoring his acts -a pivotal part of the format.

Sandilands has stated on his 2DAY FM radio program he was unlikely to return.

“Kyle hasn’t got the time to devote to the mentoring element of the show,” a source said. “His media commitments are such that he isn’t always available to travel interstate to meet contestants, and the midweek records are almost an impossibility for him. He failed to turn up to a lot of the mentoring stuff last year.”

But who would replace him? Dicko is busy with his new project on another network. It will need another marquee name to fill the chair.

Ronan Keating was always enthusiastic about the show last year and will relocate to Australia next month to shoot a film, Mark Lampress’ Goddess. He would be a good chance to return.

That would just leave Natalie Imbruglia.

Seven also hasn’t clarified if The Xtra Factor will resume but the show is likely to have taken a haircut in order to return so Natalie Garonzi fans may be left waiting. Time will tell.

UPDATED: Sandilands has confirmed on radio he is not returning to the show, and says that Seven is now re-considering whether or not it will return the show.

“Ronan and Natalie do want to go back,” he said. “I spoke to them last week – both of them rang me because I’ve said that I’m not going back. I’m not doing it.

“Not because I didn’t like it. I thought the show was great and it was great fun to do but it’s just too hectic, it’s too much work. So, I’ve told Channel Seven, no.

“Will they bring it back? I don’t know. If they do, I’m not on it as a permanent judge. They even said would I do something part time? I said, I don’t know possibly, it depends what it is.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. Did any one who made it through first rounds get the call back?? Im stil waiting on call after making first round….errr fustraiting..

  2. I think they should get Renee Gayer, she knows what it feels like to be screwed over by the music industry, we need people like that to tell us how it really is

  3. I think the show will definately be much better without Kyle he can be very patrionising, and really he does not have the musical experience. I don’t think he would even know what an octave is? Judges should be experience people who have worked as a performer. like Natalie, Guy and Ronan. what about getting a famous American Singer to Judge like Randy Jackson the American influence would so great for Australia, they have produced some great artists.!

  4. Imagine having Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia, Mel B and Guy Sebastian within the lineup – that would be such an amazing judging panel and i would love to see that show – you can imagine Mel B and Ronan being the bad ass ones and Natalie and Guy being the nicer judges – perfect yin and yang..

  5. Dannii Minogue would be at the top of 7’s wish list – she knows the format, is an excellent judge & will be a huge drawcard.
    Others I would like to see – Peter Andre, Deni Hines, Mel B would be good, Delta Goodrem – would help launch her new album, though she may not have time to do it.

  6. i actually might watch more than 1 episode this year now that kyle sandilands is out. but they need a bad guy though as these shows are just as much about the pantomine entertainment we get from booing and hissing at the judges than the mediocre talent. sandilands is just a talentless uneducated with a bad attitude but i cannot think of any other experienced bad guy apart from dicko or red symonds.

  7. I thought he said he wasn’t doing Australia’s Got Talent anymore? X factor… AGT… i can’t even tell these silly shows apart.

    Just tell me, is this season gonna cost Seven another 22 million? lol

  8. Natalie Garonzi Must come back. She was awesome on the Xtra Factor, she does live TV so well, she can really think on her feet. Just wish someone would give her more of a go.

  9. Suggestion. Delta Goodrem. I could see that working really well. It would also create a bit of drama between Nat and Delta.
    Maybe Sharon Osbourne would do it if she was paid the right price.

  10. Seven have confirmed that the show will return minus Kyle Sandilands.
    And Molly has had his day. He isn’t a good tv judge. Popstars Live? Oh wait nobody watched that…

  11. Yep I’d say kyles replacement will be outsourced. Tapeboy’s post, albeit unintentional, shows how dry the pool in Australia really is.

    Can I suggest Mel B. She is pretty much a woman version of Kyle. And she seems to be part of the x factor family around the world without actually having a full time job with it. Her chemistry on the Aus version with the judges and hosts was priceless.

    She’s famous enough to earn her seat but unfamous enough to be a realistic option.

  12. I love how Kylie Sandilands assumes that the return of the show hinges on him appearing as a judge. If anything, Sandilands is the reason I didn’t want The X Factor last year. If he’s gone, my bet is we may actually see the audience for the show increase in 2011.

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