Brendan Moar to host The Renovators

Exclusive: The host for TEN’s new reality contest The Renovators is Brendan Moar.

The dashing Moar has been host of lifestyle formats including Moar Gardening, Home and Dry Spell Gardening for the LifeStyle Channel but has won the hosting job on the new TEN series.

The series will see six rundown houses being renovated by 26 renovators. Produced by Shine Australia it will air 6 nights a week on TEN and feature 6 live to air auctions.

As well as the home makeover, contestants must fight for survival in the competition, through additional building and design challenges.

Moar’s casting in the host role follows a deal negotiated with the LifeStyle Channel to release him from his current contract.

The landscaper is well-regarded in television, having twice been voted Favourite Male Presenter at the ASTRA Awards, published a landscaping book and studied Landscape Architecture at the University of NSW.

The series is expected to follow MasterChef Australia later this year.


  1. am really looking forward to the Renovators as i am currently purchasing a property that i will be renovating, and just to see some of the products and ideas used in the program will inspire me. Go TEN !

  2. Armchair Analyst

    This show might do well or it might fail. I am concerned with the current board arangements that if it doesnt start off with a bang than the new board with Lachlan Murdoch as the captain that this show will soon be found on the scrap heap. The live to air auctions are good simmilar to a show the 7 Network had which was hosted by Joana Griggs in the midd 2000s.

  3. This may actually work

    I’ve always been interested in The Block, Hot house ect type shows but always forgot when they were on. The on air auctions sound like a great idea, at least this may prevent TEN from over-killing repeats of Modern Family

  4. @Michael ‘My Renovators Rules’ perhaps?
    Interesting to see how Top Design and this one work. Plus The Block. When did renovating become cool again?

  5. … and if The Renovators does well for Ten, expect Seven to conveniently produce their own renovating show next year… maybe featuring convicted criminals who have to renovate a house 😉

  6. sounds really good.

    channel 10 have a good success rate when it comes to reality shows.

    who would have thought big brother would last 8 years, masterchef would succeed and biggest loser to last 6 years so far.

    so i say yes to this new reality show. this is one person that will be watching it.

  7. That makes him the second (or third?) presenter from the Lifestyle Channel to present a Channel Ten program, after Anna Gare joined Junior MasterChef last year.

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