Renewed: Vampire Diaires, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, 90210, ANTM

Five youth-driven shows get the greenlight from the CW Network in the US.

The CW Network has renewed a slate of its youth-driven shows: The Vampire Diaires, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, 90210, and America’s Next Top Model.

The Vampire Diaries was given an early renewal as the network’s most-watched show (4.0 million viewers) and the network’s number-one show among its target audience of women 18-34.

Supernatural will enter its seventh season next year, after being moved to Friday nights on the network.

Gossip Girl, the network’s second most popular series with women 18-34, and 90210 are also renewed.

For the first time America’s Next Top Model will feature an “all-star” cycle of returning contestants.

Still awaiting a verdict are Hellcats, Nikita and One Tree Hill.

Source: TVByTheNumbers, EW

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  1. @ Vanessa

    They did renew Supernatural for Season 7 at least on the US Network CW. I’ll admit I hope Eleven plays Season 6 once a week and then continues with Season 7 straight after. I know eventually there’ll be holes. Because there’s 42 episodes and over 52 weeks. I wonder what they’ll play?

  2. I’m glad about The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. The only thing I’m not happy about is The Vampire Diaries new night in Australia. I hope I can catch the repeats when they show up. I’m grateful they exist i.e. repeats. That’s why I wish Eleven would also have a late night repeat policy especially as their signal is the one that’s most easily interfered with due to bad weather or other reasons.

  3. I love 90210 . I think its slightly better than Gossip Girl . Glad they are both renewed. Shame one is a couple years behind and 1 is up to date with U.S.
    wish they both were up to date !

  4. @ MuchoTB. Completely agree with your assesment of 90210. The original was and always will be the best. The new version was a) Started to early after the original finished and b) looked and sounded more like the OC then 90210. Network Ten should replay the original 90210 and Melrose Place on 11 soon, maybe as part of a classic 80s/90s night. This should be fine because CBS/Paramount owns the rights to the shows and Ten have a output deal with CBS plus 11 is a joint venture between CBS and Ten.

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