Rob Sitch on Thank God You’re Here

Writer, performer, director Rob Sitch sits down with former D-Generation co-star Tony Martin for a one on one chat about his comedy career, touching upon everything from The Late Show, Frontline, to fake Molvanian travel guides, The Castle and Thank God You’re Here.

Thank God You’re Here, Sitch says was a fine line between improvisation and bullshit…

A Quiet Word with Tony Martin airs 8:30pm Saturday April 30 on ABC1.


  1. If you like the Panel – watch Paul Murray Live – it’s the best bit of the panel (the opening segments with just discussion) without the fawning celebrity interviews or boring musical numbers.

  2. The problem with The Panel, is that The 7PM Project is seen as doing much the same thing, even though it’s way inferior. A wiser idea, would be having a weekly 1 hour weekend version of The 7PM Project, that would only air on either the Eleven channel, or the One HD channel.

  3. Thanks David, I think I am a bit cynical sometimes. they are good improvisers I must admit. Also, I wish they would bring the Panel back too, it had a unique flavour of it’s own, and the Xmas Night Panel was awesome.

  4. @steve: I believe that TEN was pretty aggrieved when Seven pinched Thank God You’re Here. TEN said that they parted on good terms, but privately they were angry because TEN had supported Working Dog from the Panel to TGYH. While one can’t discount a return to TEN, a few bridges would need to be mended.

  5. Bring back The Panel. I was actually thinking about The Panel yesterday, about how good the conversation was, and the excellent live music performances they had on the show.

  6. Garry: I attended a shoot of TGYH. Producers went to enormous lengths to ensure guest performers had no idea about the scenes they were dropped into. The supporting actors who were “in on the gag” were obviously armed with “bus stops” they had to get to, but that’s it.

  7. Yes bring back the panel TEN

    If Nine can bring back This is Your Life (is it still on?) then you can bring back the panel. You’ve got nothing better to offer late on Wednesday anyway

  8. @Dr Rudi
    You’re absolutely right – that would be the interview of the year.
    I’d love to see those two patch things up. Malloy has (to me) never really fired up except as a foil to Martin. Alas I think the wounds are too deep to heal.
    Anyway Martin has a new (and better?)sidekick in Ed Kavalee.

  9. Armchair Analyst

    Innitially when i read this story with out looking at the video i thought that he was making a negative comment about the show (Thank God Youre Here), but after watching the video he was obviously making a positive one. The show itself had more legs in it i feel but the 7 network just butchered it and then stopped showing it, it should have stayed on Ten. In my opinion working dog should not have made that decision. Cant wait for Tony Martin’s new show i think it will be great.

  10. I used to watch Thank god, but stop watching when they switch to Channel 7. I love the show and the panel, when on Channel 10. All my friends stop watching too.

  11. I liked Thank God You’re Here, but I was never stupid enough to believe that the comedians didn’t know what they were walking in to, those skits were roughly rehearsed, at the very least.

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