Vale: Trevor Bannister

UK actor Trevor Bannister, best known as ‘Mr. Lucas’ from Are You Being Served?, has died aged 74.

He died of a heart attack at his allotment in Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Bannister appeared as the young menswear salesman from 1972 to 1979 who, unlike his camp colleague Mr. Humphries (John Inman), had eyes only for the buxom Miss Brahms, the siren of ladies’ underwear, played by Wendy Richard. The show was originally planned as a vehicle for Bannister but eventuated as an ensemble piece.

He left the series to perform in a play, having asked the BBC to change the recording day of Are You Being Served? from Friday to Sunday so that he could appear in both. The BBC refused. “The reason I left was simple,” he maintained. Are You Being Served? was only seven weeks’ work a year.”

He later appeared in the 1988 BBC sitcom Wyatt’s Watchdogs, and had minor roles in Keeping Up Appearances, The Saint and The Avengers. Over the years he played three different characters in Coronation Street. He also appeared in Silent Witness and Casualty while his last role was a series regular in Last Of The Summer Wine, ending in 2010.

Bannister also had a lengthy list of theatre credits, beginning in 1960 with his West End stage debut in Billy Liar, with Albert Finney.

Of the original principal Are You Being Served? cast, the only living cast members are Frank Thornton (Captain Peacock) and Nicholas Smith (Mr. Rumbold).

Source: Telegraph


  1. Was heart broke when I heard of Trevor Bannister passing.He was my favorite on
    AYBS.Greatly enjoyed him on Last of the Summer Wine.We have lost another great actor. R.I.P. Trevor

  2. This is so sad. My partner and I were just talking about him the other day, as we have been watching the re-runs of Served. He played this part to perfection. Can’t help but think he was a bit cheeky like Mr Lucas. RIP Trevor.

  3. I love AYBS and watch it all the time on Foxtel. It was a shame he left it because he thought the grass was greener. I wonder if he had more than 7 weeks work a year when he left. RIP

  4. Are you being Served? is one of the greatest comedies that the UK has ever produced. Such humour wouldn’t be tolerated as PC today, so we should treasure the episodes that were produced and the characters that we grew to love.

  5. daveinprogress

    Sad to read this news today. Although he did not have as many major tv credits as Mollie Sugden or Wendy Richard or Frank Thornton, It was Trevor’s sweaty, nervous and oftimes boorish comments that made him such a lively performer on Are you Being Served. His timing and cameraderie with John Inman made them a great pair, although not sure who the ‘straight’ man was of the pairing.
    There are some lovely youtube clips of the various cast members being honoured on This is your life and other shows that reveal the affinity that the entire ensemble enjoyed. These passings only serve to encourage more enjoyment of those classic shows and the immortality of the characters they created.

  6. David,
    I’m not sure but wouldn’t Mike Berry count as principal cast as he was the actor who replaced Bannister?
    (Yes, sorry, I’m an AYBS? nerd)

  7. Another sad loss. As one of the biggest fans of AYBS? it is such a shame to think now most of the main cast has perished.
    Really only Mike Berry, Nicholas Smith, Penny Irving and Frank Thornton remain.
    R.I.P Trevor

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