Amazing Race Australia eliminates Big W ladies

They were fun while they lasted, but unfortunately, Tracey and Anne-Maree just didn’t last long enough.

The giggly workmates were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia last night.

The women became the second team to be sent packing in the Seven reality series, following Ryot and Liberty last week.

Last night the women were in Hong Kong where the final challenge required them to arrange a series of symbols representing the Chinese Zodiac hat to be arranged in order of chronology. There were just a few hints given to teams to assist.

While many teams struggled, friends Mos and Mo gave up which threw them into an immediate 4 hour penalty.

Had Tracy and Anne-Maree been able to complete the task they would have been safe, but they too gave up in despair, putting their 4 hour penalty behind Mos and Mo. After 3 episodes, one of the most favourite teams was cut from the race.


  1. @ PD – Guess what? this is a news blog! and specifically tv news! And David was reporting it. headlines are there to attract readers. Some headlines are straight to the point and others are more creative… would you have read the article it David headlined “Lost: they were all dead”? Most likely not.
    And yes this headline has spoil it for those who havent seen the show but it had already aired in Australia. Would you feel the same if you came across this article on page 3 of your city’s paper on Tuesday morning?

    @ David keep it up mate, love your website! Can you do an article on ratings and how they are calculated?

  2. I visit this site every day and got burned by the headline as well. I visit TV sites at my own risk, sure, but taking a little care not to blurt it out in the headline can’t be such an imposition to the news reporting, surely when it’s not a major result like who won the whole thing, which is understandably more newsworthy and time sensitive.

  3. @Purple Wyrm- that is operating in a vacuum with no inklings at all. Just from my 4 person family and 2 of my cousins I can get half the chinese zodiac. The news does stories on which year it is every chinese new year, remember a few of those and it wouldn’t take much tinkering to fill in the gaps. I don’t watch the show but if there were clues too it can’t have been all that hard.

  4. Certainly spoiled it for me. I taped it as I do most weeks and wouldn’t be watching until tonight,like many viewers I record any shows I can’t watch “live” and I’d not seen any other spoilers, until now.

    Could the outcome simply not be included in the header? I check this blog in a reader and If I’d seen “Amazing Race Australia – Week 4” or something along those lines I’d know not to read it until I saw the show.

  5. @ Natasha, this was posted the following day. Unless Western Australia is further behind the East Coast then I realised I’m pretty sure that TAR:AUS would’ve aired in WA before David Knox posted the above comment.

  6. I usually don’t weigh into this kind of topic, but reading all these posts about spoilers is crazy.

    If you choose to record a show to watch at a later time then you run the risk of being spoiled. Sorry but complaining the next day about David spoiling the show for you is ridiculous. Yes we are all busy, but to come here and complain is not on. This is a TV site and David posted this the following day, it wasn’t even spoiled for Perth viewers on WST.

    Here’s my tip to avoid spoilers. Don’t go on twitter, gossip sites, news sites, forums, turn off of the radio/tv, wear ear muffs on public transport and don’t look at the paper. There that’s easy.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. The blog writer must also realise other states like WA are at least two hours behind the rest of the world. So its all right to post spoilers for the rest of Australia but not for poor old WA who is catching up.

  8. @Jason – Guess what? It is still a spoiler. It’s a “spoiler” if someone hasn’t seen the show. David doesn’t post articles about CSI saying “CSI: The butler did it!” If you reveal the outcome of a show to a person who hasn’t seen the show (whether it has aired, or not) it is a spoiler because you are “spoiling” it for them.

    People aren’t asking David to stop posting spoilers in his articles, we’re asking that he not post them in the titles of those articles. Everybody who has seen the show already knows who got eliminated, so putting who was eliminated in the title of the article is of no benefit to anybody who’s seen the show. All it does is anger people who haven’t yet seen the show, so why do it?

    Coincidentally David’s article after the Lost finale was “Lost answers, Lost questions… and lost credits” not “Lost: they were all dead!” And the Lost finale was actual TV news, not just who was eliminated on the third week of a reality show.

  9. David your site is a must visit for me, but after accidentally reading the Survivor winner headline before seeing the episode and then again today with the Amazing Race, I may have to check out your site on a less frequent basis for the next few weeks!

  10. @journalist Liz 11:57am: I wonder how long your self-imposed boycott of this blog will really last given that your professional existence relies on breaking news and scoops. This blog is the best Aussie TV newsbreaker on the web. I don’t think you’ll be able to ignore it for long.

  11. And on the “spoiler warning” thing – “fan favourite eliminated” – if I’d read that I would have assumed it meant the Big W ladies anyway. If I’m that worried about a show being spoiled, I won’t go on sites like twitter, Facebook or this one if I don’t want to know – same as you can’t pick up a newspaper because they often spoil stuff as well. That’s the reality of the instant nature of the media at the moment. That’s why I watch Amazing Race live even though it’s not my top priority – because I want to see the elimination happen, not hear about it before seeing it.

    (PS David sorry about multiple posts – hit a wrong button on my iPhone and they all published too early!!!)

  12. to all those complaining about spoiler alerts: it’s not a spoiler if it’s already aired. It is in the public domain so if you dont want to know then make that effort to switch off, tune out, shut your eyes, block your ears, etc etc… dont whinge about it, David is only reporting the facts. He has made a valid point and you all need to accept it.

    But I am p**sed at Yahoo7 who had it on their front page as I logged on this morning to watch the show on Catchup. They could at least not advertised who got booted on their very own site that provides this service.

  13. Paul, I’m with you, every time Joey does a faux Asian accent I just feel like she is being racist, condescending or ignorant. Either way, totally offensive.

  14. The series is proving to be very interesting. In past series it seemed as though forming alliances was a mistake. However, it seems that the aloof ‘in it to win’ attitude of Joey & Richard might backfire, so that strategy doesn’t seem so good either after all.

  15. It was horrible last night-my two favourite teams against each other for elimiation. I hope Mo and Mos hang in for a while longer- the other teams aren’t very funny…

  16. I think the producers have done a bloody good job with The Amazing Race. I actually get goosebumps from the use of the original music and title sequence. The production values are top notch and with each episode, Bowler is slipping more out of his Mole persona. This is a show Australia can be proud of. I only hope that the cost wasn’t so high as to nitch a second season.

  17. 1: Good on David for letting everyone have their say, including those with the tired old argument of “but I haven’t seen it yet so it’s a spoiler”. Guess what, princesses – the world doesn’t revolve around you! People with that kind of argument probably also blame their kids turning out to be little bastards on the TV, films and games they let them enjoy. Take responsibility for yourselves you flipping whingers!!!

    2: There is a point two but it’s a lot more positive so I’ll post it seperately. I’ve said my piece. Thanks, David! 🙂

  18. I watched the show last night but I was surprised to see the spoiler in the headline. It is true that if you want to avoid spoilers then you should probably avoid this site but a better headline would have been “Amazing Race Australia eliminates one of favourites” or something along those lines.

  19. Im disappointed to see them go. They may not have been the quickest and the best but they had fun and were the complete opposites to Richard and Joey. But I thought well the boys took a 4hr penalty so they could have relaxed thought about it and had another crack. I wonder if the ratings will fall because they were well liked.

    I think I even saw a tear in Grants eye and he was sad to see them go. I know before the series started he mentioned they were a favourite of his because they just did the race happy all the time.

    It will be interesting next week when everyone laughs at Richard & Joey and no one helps them. Im guessing off camera they wernt to liked. I give Joey credit though for getting her hair shaved off .

  20. At first i was angry that both teams just “gave up” because its a once in a lifetime opportunity but then this morning on Sunrise the ladies said that they had been awake for 30 hours. Thats a hell of a long time. I think these tasks went a lot longer than everyone thought with the editing.

    As for those talking about the spoilers, you know too well that when it airs the results are everywhere. If you want to stay spoiler free keep away from the site until you watch. If you think this site is “bad” then go visit American TV sites. They don’t care for spoilers at all. Its all there to see.

    Keep up the great work David. Love all your stories.

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