Amazing Race Australia eliminates Big W ladies

They were fun while they lasted, but unfortunately, Tracey and Anne-Maree just didn’t last long enough.

The giggly workmates were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia last night.

The women became the second team to be sent packing in the Seven reality series, following Ryot and Liberty last week.

Last night the women were in Hong Kong where the final challenge required them to arrange a series of symbols representing the Chinese Zodiac hat to be arranged in order of chronology. There were just a few hints given to teams to assist.

While many teams struggled, friends Mos and Mo gave up which threw them into an immediate 4 hour penalty.

Had Tracy and Anne-Maree been able to complete the task they would have been safe, but they too gave up in despair, putting their 4 hour penalty behind Mos and Mo. After 3 episodes, one of the most favourite teams was cut from the race.


  1. David, I agree with you on most things – but if you haven’t seen the show it’s still a spoiler. I get what you’re saying ‘it’s aired, it’s news’, and I saw the episode so this didn’t effect me, but they only alternative you’re giving readers is “if you didn’t watch the show don’t read my website”. And surely that’s not what you want.

    “Fan favourites eliminated from Amazing Race” would work just as well. People who watched the show already know who was eliminated, and those who didn’t watch it won’t have it spoiled for them, and those who want it spoiled will click the link.

  2. Joey and Richard are the obvious ones to dislike, but, they are playing the game, to win it, some of their ways will no doubt creep into the other pairings approach to the game soon enough, Joey and Richard just chose to ‘play it tough’ from the start. To me, the Biker is the true piece of works so far out of the 22, and I think he will get even moreso as the show continues, actually nasty is coming out in a number of them now, does that make any of them much better than Joey and Richard really?

    That the BigW ladies couldn’t use their bonus 4 hours better, then they did deserve to go, how couldn’t you re-group in 4 hours, even in small way?. Mo and Mos will have to pick up their game if they don’t want to be next ones to go.

  3. To all the people complaining ALL the time about David ‘spoiling’ the outcome of reality shows – Don’t come on the site until you have watched the episode!!!

    It happens every time – How is the poor guy meant to keep an up to date TV Blog if he has to withhold News just in case people haven’t seen the episode?

    I had to record the Biggest Loser Finale but didn’t come here until after I had watched it for that exact reason – I knew David would have posted a story about the winner.

    Keep up the great work David – I don’t think you need to address every person’s complaint about the ‘Spoilers’ – it is your site, you write what you want to and we will keep on reading! 🙂

  4. adelaide john

    leave david alone, he is reporting after the fact and if you really don’t want to know, just don’t look or read or twitter or watch Sunrise etc etc etc

  5. Chasingvegas

    OMG, Richard & Joey please go home. I actually switched over to another channel for about 5 minutes during the show because I didn’t want them ruining the entire hour!

  6. Happy for you to post news on who gets eliminated, but please try and keep it out of the headline. As others have mentioned, not everyone watches it at the same time.
    I accidentally saw it in my RSS reader – and once you’ve seen it, there’s no way of unseeing it.

    • Unfortunately the headline that “somebody got cut from a reality show last night” just doesn’t resonate as News. On that basis I would never have written Julie / Adam wins MasterChef etc., when all other media are reporting it. The info is all through Twitter these days as well. It would only confuse readers to keep changing the site policy, which is Aired in Australia = Not a Spoiler.

  7. Agree with Rob’s comment below – all the pieces seem to be in place for this to be a great series but something isn’t quite working for me. I actually think the 90-minute length may be a bit much – 60 minutes (a la the US series) would tighten things up and be a lot more effective IMO.

  8. Thanks for spoiling that ep for me – why not do what sites like Digital Spy do and run a ‘Contestants Eliminated from (Insert Show)’, that you then have to click through to find out who it was. Many many people record shows to watch later, and unless it’s a finale (which I would expect to run as a news story), this kind of spoiling is really unneccessary.

  9. I was hoping Richard and Joey would be eliminated last night. Seeing the preview of next week’s show and seeing how much the other contestants hate them I’m now hoping they stay for a while. Could make for some really good viewing. Loving this series.

  10. The Big W ladies just weren’t made for the amazing race. If I was racing for $250,000 I’d spend all 4 hours trying every possible combination before giving up. I was disappointed to see both teams quit. Mos and Mo won’t last very long either.

  11. Losing a crowd favorite this eary kinda proves it isn’t rigged after all. Usually when a crowd favorite is last it turns out to be a non-elimination leg!

  12. Hi David… i love your website and information, but one thing… could you please advise that this is a spoiler as i recorded the show last night and was going to watch it tonight, but i now know who got booted….

  13. I wonder how much time passed from when the first tram started that challenge to when mo and mos took the penalty? I figure it must of been a really long while, thats the only reason i can see for the big w ladies to appear to give in so easily

  14. I dont know why they didnt use their 4 hours better. ie. go off down the road for something to eat or have a nap for a couple of hours.

  15. Tracy and Anne-Maree & Mos and Mo in end just didn’t try hard enough, but what about Richard & Joey getting their heads shaved & winning the fast forward!, it’s clear not one other team likes them anymore, hope they get eliminated in the next few weeks.

  16. I was thinking that when the ladies went through the door that they had completed the task and then the unexpected announcement that they had given up came as a surprise. The Amazing Race is definitely much more harder physically and mentally then it seems when you are watching it on TV.

  17. Watched this show for the first time last night and it’s a great clone of the original, good casting etc but it lacks…something. Everything is in the right place but it’s really bland and repetitive..

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