Returning: Rescue: Special Ops

Nine returns its drama series Rescue: Special Ops to Monday nights from Monday May 30th.

In only its third outing the show is already being billed as “New” Rescue (that was fast) but at 22 episodes this will be its biggest season so far.

New faces will include Craig MacLachlan and Todd Lasance with guest stars to include Wil Traval, Dieter Brummer, Saskia Burmeister, Bridie Carter, Daniel Roberts, Michael Dorman, Caroline Craig and Josef Ber.

At 8:30pm Mondays the show will take on TEN’s Offspring and Seven’s Amazing Race Australia, but with Sea Patrol it gives Nine a Monday / Tuesday Aussie drama double.

RESCUE: Special Ops, Channel Nine’s high-octane drama about paramedics who risk their lives on dangerous missions, returns for a thrilling third season Monday, May 30 at 8.30pm.

In the premiere episode, the Special Ops team are threatened with the introduction of Lifeblood, a privately owned rescue organisation trying to take over their business. It leaves the entire team on edge, in fear of losing their jobs and their future in rescue work.

At the helm of Lifeblood is Hayden Bradley (Craig McLachlan), a smart, attractive and very convincing businessman who will stop at nothing to become the only rescue organisation in operation. For Bradley the excitement of battle lies in winning in business. And he sees Special Ops Station Manager Michelle Letourneau (Libby Tanner) as a worthy, exciting and sexy adversary.

The first move on Bradley’s agenda is taking over the chopper contract, leaving the Special Ops team helpless. With rescue officer Heidi Wilson (Katherine Hicks) getting her pilot’s licence, she is faced with a tough decision – does she stay or go? As for her close colleague Jordan Zwitkowski (Daniel Amalm) this could be a case of life, love or death.

Lifeblood’s athletic and charismatic head rescue officer Cam Jackson (Todd Lasance) gets instantly offside with Dean Gallagher (Les Hill) when he takes an interest in Lara Knight (Gigi Edgley) who has always been just out of Dean’s reach. With Cam’s good looks, confidence and constant need to experience the rush of extreme sports, Lara finds him hard to resist.

Meanwhile, Chase Gallagher (Andrew Lees) finds his life in turmoil from a debilitating shoulder injury. With Lifeblood trying to muscle him out of a job, he can’t afford to take any time off, leaving him with no choice but to take drastic measures. And the rock of the Special Ops team, Vince Marchello (Peter Phelps), is back out in the field, giving everything he’s got to prevent any kind of takeover.


  1. Rescue Special Ops is a fantastic show. Im not too sure why all the double episodes are on at the moment and hopefully it is not to get it off the air sooner rather than later. My whole family (including teenagers) love it and even brought the 2 dvd of previous episodes. All of their friends love it too. It should be pulling great ratings because we all stay up until 10:30 watching the double episodes each week.
    Please keep it ongoing! Many Aussies absolutely love it and the characters.

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