1. franz chong

    Bring back repeats of Jon English All together now or even the later Versions of Charlie Sheens Show.Even going Places or Airline/Airport would be a huge improvement over this garbage.

  2. Thank goodness for 11 on Tuesday night with The Office, Nurse Jackie & Californication even though it sucks they are in constant repeat mode with Hank Moody!

  3. @Geoff – speaking of TG it starts in the UK in about a month (they said June which probably means late June, no date set yet). I wonder if Nine will be desperate enough to actually fast track the new series within a week of the UK air dates, or does that put them on in the non-rating period?

  4. Yeah looks like ch9 is starting to ditch this overboard and treating it like cops lac. The csi stuff is just irrelevant trash fodder tv. Bring back repeats of Charlie Sheens show…

  5. @ Craig, yeah instead of showing New drama content Channel 9 should put on the same crap that failed at the start of 2011 in the same timeslot, that will create ratings. Not!

  6. It’s a pity that the producers of Sea Patrol have only one plot line. You’d have thought with the variety of work the navy do, and possible story lines they could at least have come up wtih Two or maybe Three storylines in all these series. But no. It’s always the same story. Move the location around a bit, but it’s always the same.

  7. franz chong

    Get this garbage off the air.A sitcom or two even if it’s an eighties or nineties one would be a lot better.ABC/SBS offerings and 7’s Winners and Loser’s aside there is nothing worthy left on a Tuesday Night around 8:30/9pm anymore.

    I do miss the days of the OC type shows followed by Rove on a Tuesday over at 10.All since been replaced by violent crappy crime shows.

  8. Sea Patrol is the only show out of the all the cop shows, CSI shows and Aussie drama shows that I watch . I think its realistic and I love it!! Best show on Telly bar none. Even went online and found the place that made the caps for the series and bought one.

  9. So in VIC they will be behind for the rest of the final series?

    Sounds like a dumb move to me, better off filling the time with TG or dare I say it a sitcom or two.

  10. Oh dear for Victorians! They will now be 1 ep behind with Sea Patrol just as they are behind with CSI:NY. They also got an episode of CSI which is yet to air elsewhere and CSI Miami is ahead in AFL states by about 3 episodes.

    At least Sea Patrol will finish sooner rather than later.

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