Was 2010-11 the worst year for US shows?

Now we have seen the Upfronts, can we expect a better year than the titles from 2010-11?

With the Upfronts now having taken place in the US we are getting a look at what we can expect from September onwards.

But it would have to be better than last year’s batch – wouldn’t it?

The 2010-11 shows from the US were a motley bunch most of which have failed to connect with Australian audiences.

The most successful new US show was probably Hawaii Five-0, which attracted positive reviews and got off to a good start. And that was a remake.

But consider some of the remaining shows: Harry’s Law, Blue Bloods, Detroit 1-8-7, No Ordinary Family, $#*! My Dad Says, Mike and Molly …….. while they aren’t all turkeys they haven’t attracted much buzz in Australia.

Programmers talked up their output titles like they were the next big thing.

The chances of another Lost / Desperate Housewives year is remote, everything is cyclical.

But if we can have one or two new hits that would be a start.

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  1. Detroit 1-8-7 is a superb show, probably the best warts-and-all, America-in- decay cop show since the superb series of Homicide – Life On The Streets and NYPD Blue.
    Sadly, didn’t connect well enough in ratings terms to survive in the states, but beautifully written, effortless storytelling, great characters and acting.

    Body of Proof, which screens earlier and hopefully not regularly has none of the above. Turgid. Just the first segment of the next show, “Suits” had me hooked more than the whole episode of Body Of Proof. Quality counts for nothing!

  2. i think maybe we have just been spoilt thru the last decade having some of the best tv shows ever made, the Sopranos, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, are among my faves, plus many others i haven’t been a fan of but recognize the quality of, like a sort of TV renaissance of sorts. Think back to the 1990’s & you would be struggling to find more than a few quality shows worth watching, especially dramas, ER & umm, see i cant even remember another worth bothering with. So maybe we have come to somewhat of an end of a great run of tv, i dont think it can last forever…

  3. Hawaii Five 0 worst TV going around. The giy who plays Danno, most annoying man on the planet. whats up with his head. His heads longer than his body. Burn Notice & Dexter rule..!

  4. I am passionate about quality scripted television drama created by reputable production companies who, in turn, have connections with seasoned writers and directors , who, in turn, support powerful casts. “The Good Wife”; “Blue Bloods”; “Harry’s Law”; “Detroit 1-8-7”, and one which has not even aired here “The Whole Truth” have All of these elements. Pity our TV networks don’t recognise these elements and give these shows the respect they deserve.

  5. The Walking dead, which only had 6 episodes for the first season was fantastic! Season 2 bgins in October, with a full episode run of 13 (most hour long shows only have 13 episodes).

    Game of Thrones, awesome LOTR fantasy based drama (a lot more in your face action compared to LOTR).

  6. I agree with Tara in that inconsistent programming is one of the biggest reasons shows fail to gain an audience. How is one expected to follow a television series week to week when it’s programming slot consistently changes or disappears all together. On the flip side we get bombarded with ad after ad in relation to some new show that is “coming” which has already been canned in the US. What is the incentive to watch something when you have the knowledge that it is no longer in production. Most of us give and find other things to do with our time…

  7. Sadly, we may be victims of our own expansion. We now have too many channels in relation to how many shows we produce ourselves. We now rely too heavily on the US for our TV shows. The problem is, the US television market is rubbish and driven by advertising revenue and not ratings. Alot. The networks are only interested in one thing – how much advertisers are willing to pay for ads during specific shows. Why do you think Warner Bros was so determined to keep 2.5 Men alive even when Sheen went off the rails? Because its earns them so much $$$ that’s why.
    Sadly, the merry-go-round that is the revolving doors of US TV shows will continue. Half the new shows they’re sending our way will be cancelled after the first season – as they were this season. You only have to look at the incredibly large list of shows cancelled already (and its not finished). I’m sure David will have a list at some stage. If you’re interested, check it out for yourself, It is staggering!! Very sad V got the axe – it was a pretty good sci-fi show.

  8. Terriers was the possibly the new show of 2010. It delivered in absolutely every way and was totally and utterly engaging.
    Didn’t pull the numbers they wanted so its gone.
    That’s the pity, that nothing is given a chance to establish itself.

  9. Unfortunately imagination in American broadcast television is dead. The broadcast networks are too scared to try something new fo fear of upsetting the advertisers. Thankfully there are the US cable networks which are currently producing the best of what America has to offer the TV market.
    Broadcast networks are also in denial when it comes to contracting viewers, basing their decision to renew/cancel based on rating models from years ago. Expect the output from the US broadcast networks to get worse, this year offers nothing new – just tired rehash of shows currently on air. I think I have counted 5 new shows which are all similar to Supernatural!

  10. Feel sorry for Detroit, I really like it, more fast pace than some other cop shows but fair to say another cop show in the end. No idea why Law and Order was cancelled for then a new LA series, was never going to work..

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