Airdate: Crownies

New ABC legal drama Crownies will begin with a feature-length episode at 8:30pm Thursday July 14.

The 22 part Screentime Sydney-based drama delves into the world of the Department of Public Prosecutions and its young eager lawyers.

Crownies follows five young solicitors as they face the pressures and endearing madness of modern single life – in a fast paced workplace that highlights the moral dilemmas and big issues facing an apparently civilized society.

In a world that exists solely to see ‘wrong-doers’ brought to justice, and where the average age of the solicitors is 27, there is a big divide between these young solicitors and the barristers at the top. Yet they are the initial point of contact with the police, and it is they who do most of the liaising with the victims and the witnesses – and recommend what goes to court.

They are committed, idealistic and hard-working, but their lives away from the office are filled with aspirations, explorations, fragile relationships and partying.

The outstanding ensemble cast includes Todd Lasance (Underbelly Files – Tell Them Lucifer Was Here, Cloudstreet, Rescue Special Ops, Home & Away) Hamish Michael (Spirited, City Homicide, Lucky Miles); Ella Scott Lynch (City Homicide, All Saints, The Falls); Andrea Demetriades (Bell Shakespeare Company, All Saints) and Indiana Evans (A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, Home and Away, H2O Just Add Water).

They are joined by Marta Dusseldorp (Burning Man, Blackjack, Hell Has Harbour Views, After The Deluge); Lewis Fitz-Gerald (Underbelly, Stingers, A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne); Jerome Ehlers (Sea Patrol, Packed To The Rafters, The Starter Wife), Jeanette Cronin (Rake, Headland, All Saints); Chantelle Jamieson (Underbelly Files – The Man Who Got Away, Panic At RockIsland); Peter Kowitz (Packed To The Rafters, City Homicide, Grass Roots), Chris Morris (Crocodile Hunter, The Surgeon, Fireflies) and Daniel Lissing (Cops LAC, Packed to the Rafters, Out Of The Blue).

Produced on behalf of Screentime by Series Producer Karl Zwicky (A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, McLeod’s Daughters) and co-produced by Jane Allen (Script) (as writer -MDA, McLeod’s Daughters, The Secret Life of Us) and Lisa Scott (Production) (A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, Cops LAC, The Cut) with Screentime’s Des Monaghan and Greg Haddrick and the ABC‘s Carole Sklan and David Ogilvy as Executive Producers.

The new series is being directed by some of Australia’s finest including: Tony Tilse, Chris Noonan, Cherie Nowlan, Grant Brown, Lynn Hegarty, Garth Maxwell and Jet Wilkinson, and has been written by Greg Haddrick, Jane Allen, Kylie Needham, Tamara Asmar, Blake Ayshford, Justine Gillmer, Stuart Page, Pete McTighe, Christopher Hawkshaw and Sam Meikle.


  1. Okay gave up half way! it’s awful. Let me sum it up for you. Just another series about oversexed 20 something middle class drones.
    The acting of the extras was woeful and the plot had little substance. Will not be watching anymore episodes

  2. Ronnie, did anyone at all ever compare Underbelly to The Wire? And you can blame any tackiness solely on Nine. Commercial networks don’t just hand over money and say ‘make us a series’.

  3. @par3182 and @Ronnie, the first ep isn’t indicative of the series so I’m glad they’ve put it together with episode two for its debut. That’s much more of an indicator of how future episodes play out. This is actually right up the ABC’s alley and I’m hoping it resonates with its audience, as it harks back to the days of dramas containing complex, meaty story arcs and interesting characters.

  4. What the hell does “endearing madness” mean? I’m very nervous about this series. I loved North Square, but if they turn this into a sex romp on Aunty I’ll think it’s a wasted opportunity. Screentime not known for integrity as they’ve destroyed Underbelly’s chance of being Australia’s “The Wire”with the T&A approach.

  5. I hope it improves from the first episode I saw as part of a feedback session. I was surprised it was an ABC production after a scene that gets most of the young attractive female cast members disrobing for an office party for no good reason – seemed very Nine.

    Marta Dusseldorp lends it a touch of class but there’s very little else to recommend it.

  6. Quite appropriate given that it’s following On Trial in that slot! ABC drama has been a bit hit-and-miss lately but I have high hopes for this one.

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