Eastbound and Down update

Seven will now air US series Eastbound and Down on its primary channel, despite the fact it has already started on 7mate.

It will air at 11:30pm from Wednesday June 15 with Stag now out of the schedule.

Follow Kenny Powers, an ex-baseball player who returns to his small hometown to be a high school PE teacher while rebuilding his sports career.


  1. @ Vinny
    -My point is proven, you commented without actually reading the comment. You seem to do that all the time between your posts here and on facebook. Did you make something like 8-9 different actual wall posts on the GO! past on Thursday night?

    @ Secret Squirrel
    -So now you decide to insult Channel 9 once again? What’s the need? We know you don’t like them, doesn’t mean you have to insult them every opportunity it gets. It makes you sound pathetic.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    @Geoff – settle down mate. My comment about Seven wanting to be number one at everything was tongue-in-cheek as I suspect that they’re quite happy for Nine to continue to be known as Network Random. If you read beyond the first sentence you’ll see that I asked if the show would be remaining on 7mate.

  3. yeah the main channel ‘Seven’ seem to be replaying stuff that was played on 7two and 7mate. like Parks and Recreation Season 2, Heroes Season 4 and others which had first run plays on the digital channels but have been replayed on Seven this year. its like they think its not official enough if its not on the main channel I guess, cause not everyone has digital tv so they make up for it for people who still have analogue.

  4. It was the way that David wrote the first sentence, Geoff, I misread the story by skim reading it hence why what I wrote came across the way it did.

  5. The serial offenders are at it again– Both Vinny & Secret Squirrel insult the Networks for a decision before understand what is actually happen. Do you guys have jobs, or is it just to insult Television networks and complain.

    They are not bumping/moving Eastbound and Down at all. It will still air FTA First run on 7mate at 10pm Tuesdays, with the entire series being repeated at 11:30pm Wednesday nights on 7.

    This is a smart move, not only does it give people without a HD set top box a chance to view it, but people who missed it the first time can watch it, or people that saw it the first time and enjoyed it can watch it again. Particularly for a show that’s main advertising is word-of-mouth it’s a great idea and the 11/11:30pm timeslot on the main channels should be used this way more often.

  6. I just gotten hooked on this show. 10pm on 7mate was great. 11.30pm on the main channel? I might be in bed already…

    Seven is slowly becoming the most disappointing channel for me when it comes to scheduling (Nine doesn’t count because I don’t watch it at all!)

  7. Secret Squïrrel

    Seven obviously want to be number one at everything including chopping and changing schedules. Still, I guess you could view a move from to an hour and a half later on the main channel as a promotion. So they’re keeping it on 7mate? Why not show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia instead?

  8. Told you 7 mate and GO! are becoming alike , bumping shows to 11.30pm.

    If Eleven had the rights to this I am sure they would have kept it at 10pm or 10.30pm !!!!

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