Returning: Ready, Steady, Cook

New host of Ready Steady Cook, Colin Lane, begins on the TEN cooking show later this month with new episodes.

Lane replaces Peter Everett for the seventh season of the show. He is the third presenter for the show, which began in 2005.

Fresh from his role on The Circle, where he took on hosting duties for Gorgi Coghlan during her maternity leave, Colin Lane joins the swag of top notch chefs as he prepares to shake things up.

The much loved 20 minute challenge is back, and the battle of the Tomato and Capsicum team has never been so fierce. Contestants and celebrities alike are lining up to take part in this fast paced culinary madness which sees the Tomato and Capsicum teams pitted against each other and the clock, competing to prepare four delicious dishes from a bag of mystery ingredients.

There are bridge climbers, stand up comedians, journalists, high school sweethearts, Russian exchange students, hippies, real life doll makers, pro tennis players, personal shoppers, child model siblings, food bloggers, medical students, flight attendants, hair-dressers, Hottest Tradie finalists, astrologers, naturopaths, sea captains, police officers and even pole dancers going head to head for the ultimate bragging rights.

This year sporting stars, singers, actors, radio stars and favourite TV stars are amongst the celebrities who join the chefs to ght it out for victory in the kitchen.

Season 7 guests include:

• Claire Hooper and Dr Andrew Rochford
• Mikey Robins and Justine Scho eld
• Sandra Sully and Natarsha Belling
• Marina Prior and Philip Quast (from Mary Poppins)
• motor sports stars Greg Rust and Darryl Beattie
• Nova presenters Fitzy and Wippa
• Michelle Bridges and Shannan Ponton
• Bondi Rescue lifeguards Maxi and Chappo
• Austereo hosts Maude Garrett and Matty Acton

It begins 2pm Tuesday June 14 on TEN.


  1. i like colin but i dont think he really enjoys working on the ready steady show..
    pete did do a good job..anyone know why they got rid of him?
    i fell bad for colin,everyone is dissing him, give the poor guy a chance or switch to dr oz inbetween like me 🙂

  2. Alison Carrivick

    Sorry Channel 10 but you have made a Huge mistake.Colin whats his name, just shouldn’t be on TV at all let alone try and replace someone as cool as Peter Everet.
    Hope you don’t think you will be in for a logie with RSC anymore, not unless you bring Pete back. He was RSC. Swallow you pride channel 10, and beg Peter Everet to come back.

  3. Channel 10 you bunch of short sighted idiots. If you had anything to do with getting rid of Peter as host, it will be on you’re own head that ratings will kill what’s left of this now shallow dull show.

  4. Daphne Rehling

    Bring back Peter Everett and ignore those who make derogatory remarks about him. If they didn’t like him, why did they watch RSC with him as the host in the first place ? Think about that. So he was tactile – what’s wrong with that? Shows he was a warm character.

  5. Can’t stand Colin Lane he’s a try hard, don’t find him funny at all. Bring back Peter Everett and i’ll come back to channel 10 till then it’s Dr Oz for me…

  6. Colin Lane is Awful. It’s like watching a doddering uncle struggle through a conversation.

    Two thumbs up to the chefs on the show though. Because Colin can’t seem to generate any effective questions they’re basically driving the show by initiating topics to talk about!

    Bring back Pete!

  7. Wow I can’t believe Pete had gone he belonged on that show am nit warming up to Colin so much it seems like he is trying to adopt peters humor not saying I dislike Colin just I want Pete evert back he was the reason I watched the show daily he kept it light fun and funny Pete will definitely be missed

  8. Tim Metcher

    Wow. People seem 50/50 on this. I have been home off work since November, and personally I think Peter was ‘the only’ host for the show. I must say though that rather then replace a logie nominee couldn’t they just tell him to stop feeling the chefs and guests up?
    I admit I felt quite uncomfortable watching him touch people up in a way that would have most people disciplined (if not sacked) in their workplace, but his personality was the show. I love Lano and Woodley, I am way less enthused about either on their own (especially after seeing him on the circle) but the public are fickle and will soon forget who Peter was. I saw today’s show and wasn’t that keen after one, doubt I’ll keep watching because I would rather see for example James Reeson showing and telling us things useful for cooking. This was a light entertainment thing rather than a cooking show anyway so finishing up the old host I think will ultimately finish up the show. Its not like we’re short of cooking shows…

    The question was also asked, what next for Pete?
    Everyone knows out of work Australian(& NZ) actors do play school when there is nothing else going… 🙂

  9. I was very sad and dissapointed to see that Peter Everett was replaced on ready steady cook I got a real shock on 14th June to see he was not there he will be sorely missed on the show which i look forward to watching every day

  10. Very Bad Move Channel 10. Peter Everett was fantastic! I will Not be watching Ready Steady Cook anymore. Everyone should boycott. Colin will not do a good job. He has had his day. Goodbye Channel 10.

  11. Col!

    What a champion, This show is going to be awesome, and he’ll make it heaps better. It’s Col!

    Can’t wait for this to air… 😀

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