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2013-08-23_2356From Monday The Daily Edition on Seven moves to a new timeslot of 2 – 3pm with British game show The Chase to air at 3pm.

The move to 2pm will enable the afternoon chat show to air Live, instead of being pre-recorded by 45 minutes. This was due to the availability of Martin Place studio’s busy needs with Seven programmes.

It should also find more of its audience at home instead of being out for the after-school pick-up.

But it may also help the ratings, which have been struggling against the competition. On Thursday The Daily Edition pulled 60,000 viewers across its hour. Judge Judy won the timeslot with 249,000 partnered with Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield at 179,000. Nine News Now was 122,000.

On that front it wasn’t delivering enough to the Seven News at 4.

In the 2pm timeslot it will go up against Ready Steady Cook (104,000) on Thursday and the second half of a Nine movie (103,000).

But the show has been hurried to air by Seven under tight budgets and changes as to its content. By going Live at least it will enable the show to be more reactionary to unfolding news events, but it will need to beef up its news knowledge base.


  1. An earlier timeslot is even better and change the set its terrible why cant TDE use the sunrise set coming live from the sunrise set would be much better martin place is alive at that time and please get rid of the english lad his accent is terrible . And also monque writght should be hosting the show with more emphasis on entertaiment. Too many host introducing stories. .it too serious a show for me.

  2. muscledude_oz

    I hope Seven are a bit more cluey about the show now than when it started. I remember they had an infomercial about a five star hotel in Sydney offering a special deal on budget accom. We missed the phone number and tried to chase up details. There was no mention of the show on Seven’s website and when we phoned Seven they insisted that no such show existed and that we’d phoned the wrong network. I went on the Net and found that the only site which mentioned The Daily Edition was Sally Obermeider’s blog, but no details about the infomercial.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I like this show and the crew…they are all engaging….do not watch it every day….wish I knew where to get the little yellow dogs they have on the shelves behind them…. 🙂
    Cannot stand The Chase…

  4. TDE just fills itself with highlights of both Sunrise and The Morning Show. It would only take one host to intro each of the stories and throw to the highlights packages and advertorials. Whoever created the TDE musn’t have much to work with.

    • I think part of the problem with TDE is that Seven asked Sarah Stinson to run it when she already has her hands full with Morning Show. It’s more a case of “oh we’re adding this to your workload and you only have this much money to do it, and then we’ll change the timeslots on you and the brief too…”

  5. I thought that it was live as well. Good move by Seven, but I still think 3:30-4:30pm is perfect for it, because Seven News shouldn’t be running for 90 minutes because IMO that is overload big time, when you have the bulletin at 6pm and Today Tonight at 6:30pm.
    I thought that it would be picking up decent viewers since Sally Obermeder is more known nowadays since her breast cancer battle last year. I still don’t think Kris Smith is the best option for the gig, because he’s only really known for dating Dannii Minogue and not much else except modelling sporadically.

  6. carolemorrissey

    And here I had been assuming it was live. When daylight savings Nine New Now won’t be live here in Qld, we will be an hour behind. But occasionally 9 decided to air it live at 2 so I ended up missing it.

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