On Hiatus

For around the next two weeks or so TV Tonight is in mid year Hiatus.

For around the next two weeks or so TV Tonight is in mid year Hiatus.

May was a pretty busy time covering major TV events including the Logie Awards, Eurovision, MasterChef, Amazing Race Australia, Cloudstreet, on top of numerous other comings and goings.

Based on a lot of emails I receive, a number of people still don’t realise the site is run solo by yours truly. Like it or not, the site has my attention 365 days a year …time to recharge for Part II of 2011!

As long-term readers know this won’t mean a stop to the site so much as shift to a daily wrap in the morning (unless big news breaks). There are still feature interviews and reviews to come.

Please note during this time there may be delays to ratings data and comment moderation.

There will be limited posts on weekends.

Your patience is appreciated during this time.

This is also a chance for me to say I continue to be very grateful for the amazing loyalty shown to the site. Traffic is remarkably consistent from month to month.

Passion for telly (sometimes even enflamed passion) proves the medium is still alive, and the audience is still the most important participant.

Thanks, David.

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  1. Geez David – judging by the number of stories you’ve posted on the first day of your alleged ‘hiatus’ you’ve forgotten what ‘resting’ means!
    Don’t worry – we’ll take care of ourselves for a week – we’ll be okay!
    Kick back and have a few cocktails man – drift away…… relax…………
    See you when you get back tanned and happy.

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