When Mitch McTaggart went to the Logies…

The host of The Back Side of Television shares his thoughts on his first-ever Logie night.

Mitch McTaggart, host of The Back Side of Television, is currently recovering from his first ever attendance at TVs night of nights.

Especially for TV Tonight, he penned these thoughts…

“This was my first Logies event, so my main task was asking anyone near me how it was stacking up to other years – got pretty mixed responses. Some said it was a huge improvement, others said it was way worse. I didn’t follow up with them after Daryl’s bit though, so who knows what the final verdict actually was,” he wrote.

“Part of me wondered how many attendees had seen our show, given that I’d be stuck in a room with the highest concentration of people that we’ve been making fun of for years. Only one confronted me about a segment we did – he shall remain nameless – but he was just salty because we caught him out.

“Other people who did know of our show were pitching me segment ideas, ranging from spicy to legally problematic but I appreciated the enthusiasm.

“I don’t know about Logies etiquette, but I was having an absolutely great time running off to other tables during ad breaks to tell someone that they’re fantastic in a show. The room is 90% lovely, talented people and I don’t think that ever really comes across in the broadcast. I was fanboying all over the place. 

“I wasn’t big on the afterparty though – the bass made my entire outfit vibrate so I left early. Couldn’t even find a Logie to steal.”

The Back Side of Television is now screening on Binge and 8:30pm Tuesdays on FOX8.

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  1. I’m in Paris, the city of light but not always light-heartedness. Light drizzle is more likely and it’s been cold, wet, grey and very gusty “summer’s” day. (Yeah, yeah, poor me.) Thank you Mitch and David for brightening it up.

  2. I’m looking forward to his show. I’ve never heard of him or his show formats before, but I love any other television lover like myself. Would love to work with him on it that’s for sure!

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