Bumped: Swift & Shift Couriers

Season two of controversial series Swift & Shift Couriers has been pushed back two weeks by SBS.

Don’t panic, it’s still coming -but season two of controversial series Swift and Shift Couriers has been pushed back two weeks by SBS.

Instead of starting Monday August 1st, it will now air from Monday 15 August at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

Created and directed by Paul Fenech (Fat Pizza), the series sees the return of Ian Turpie, Melissa Tkautz, Angry Anderson and Amanda Keller.

In the new ten-part series, Swift & Shift Couriers returns to Hashfield Depot with manager Keith Warne (Turpie) facing more cutbacks due to the global financial meltdown. He has lost people in nearly every department. Melissa (Tkautz) has been put back in the phone room, Murray (Murray Harman) is back as HR Manager and Abdul’s cousin, Habib (Tahir Bilgic), comes on as the additional driver.

Paul Fenech said: “Swift and Shift Couriers is back; bigger, better and louder in series two – this is the pumped up on steroids version of the first series.”

The series has been delayed by more than two years, so it can probably wait two more weeks.

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