Gone: The Jeselnik Offensive

2013-10-24_1051SBS has pulled the remaining 2 episodes of US comedy show The Jeselnik Offensive from Monday nights.

The Comedy Central show sees comedian Anthony Jeselnik, and panellists riffing on US news stories before a studio audience. Would have been better served on SBS 2, if at all.

From 10pm Monday it will be replaced by repeats of Swift and Shift Couriers by Paul Fenech.


  1. David, please, confirm this for me. Is this a new payment scheme where TV network pays for a TV show when they air it or do they pay for the whole series? Why would you pull the remaining episodes off the air if you already paid for them? SBS is not a commercial network, so they shouldn’t be relying only on TV ads.

  2. The Jeselnik Offensive, for me, was the best programs across all channels on Monday nights. I’d watch this ‘live’ & usually catch Q&A via iView or repeats. However, from the first episode I couldn’t believe they were running it on SBS One & not 2 (agree with David there). But I think the lead-in – Legally Brown – was the main problem for Jeselnik as there was a big drop in the numbers from the 8:30pm science docos to 9:30. Poor Jeselnik was the sacrificial lamb here while LB survives.

    Mark my words, Anthony Jeselnik will be as big as Bill Hicks in America, but maybe not here. Let’s hope he lives on at SBS2 soon.

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