2.85m tops Australia’s Got Talent

A whopping 2.85m tuned in to watch Australia’s Got Talent: The Winner Announced last night, the biggest single audience of the year so far.

It tops the 2.47m for the third State of Origin and 2.31m for Australia’s Got Talent: The Decider last night.

Seven cleverly coded the show so that the final moments, which would have reflected something close to its peak, became a stand-alone programme. It’s a strategy used by most networks now for big event television.

The challenge is now on for MasterChef Australia to top the figure this Sunday night. Both shows are produced by FremantleMedia Australia.

The huge audience for the show helped Seven to a staggering 40.6% network share for the night, doubling Nine’s share and almost doubling TEN.

Other programmes last night were left in AGT‘s wake including MasterChef Australia (1.56m), The Block (1.37m), The Renovators (838,000) and Top Gear (596,000).

Hot favourite 14 year old singer Jack Vidgen was awarded the series title and the $250,000 cash prize.

Host Grant Denyer has said the search is on for new contestants for 2012.


  1. David, you really think that??

    On Sunday… Nine have 60 minutes/The Mentalist and SEVEN have Migrations/Bones competing with MasterChef.. I think 3 million is to be expected

    The only real competition is MM on ABC..

  2. I don’t see a problem with channels coding the announcement of a winner as a separate show. They’re not inflating the ratings – it’s probably an accurate indication of how many people watched the show at some stage or another throughout its run. In any case, it proves that close to 3m people watched the show at some stage last night (2.85m was the peak, but more would have tuned in for at least part of the show).

  3. It was a good show, I really liked the series. However, the ratings collators should really stamp out the dubious tactics used by the networks to seem like they are receiving more ratings than they actually are. From sneak previews, which I consider to be merely promotional advertising, to the pretense of having more than one show listed, when they are just segmented into parts.

  4. See, brilliant fast paced and talented “Variety” shows are what we need as a relief from all the same-old, same-old cooking and renovation shows … they are boring me to tears ….

  5. Still a show is good if less than 3mill is considered a failure 🙂
    and MC should improve figures now Dani has gone.
    I don’t believe AGT is worth such high ratings, a lot of it is pure hype,it’s just a talent show……
    I wonder if Vidgen’s sales will reflect Channel 7’s profits.
    Channel 9 won’t be happy re Top Gear, it’s a shame I watched it last night and it’s still witty and interesting but 9 stuffed it around last season with ratings so what do you expect.
    As for Hamish and Andy, let’s that just speaks for itself….. bleeegh…

  6. Isn’t it about time for the producers of AGT to show the percentage of votes each contestant receives. Surely voting results are scrutinised by an independent authority, if not,why not?

  7. steve sydney

    Somehow I think MC and The Block finales will exceed 2.85 million

    If MC gets any less than 3 million I will be shocked and it will cement that this year really has been a failure…

  8. Graeme Ettinger

    I thought the opening 5 minutes was some of the best Australian variety TV I’ve seen in years. Well done FremantleMedia.

    It’s about time one of the networks brought back a Tonight show.

  9. Great win for talent shows….

    I did read over on mediaspy, however, that ‘The Winner Announced’ was coded only for 10 minutes though… Those networks are getting so sneaky!

  10. Aren’t most “Winner Revealed” things at least 15 minutes, maybe even up to an hour for some shows in the past? This was supposedly just 4 minutes, so it’s really just the peak viewers not any sort of average. I’m sure MasterChef will beat it, now Dani’s gone a lot of people will tune back in.

  11. @deedeedragons , i think it was at least 15M TO 20M though thats just an estimate.I think its just old news now and they should rename it The Jeremy Clarkson Variety Hour.I switched off along time ago.

  12. Well-deserved for AGT. The final show was well-produced and really showed off the depth of talent they’ve enjoyed this year. It will be a hard act to follow!

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