Airdate: twentysomething

ABC2 will premiere its new six part comedy series twentysomething in early September.

The series, which had an earlier incarnation on Channel 31,  is produced by Nicole Minchin (Lowdown, The Wedding Party) and co-produced and co-created by Josh Schmidt and its writer Jess Harris.

Schmidt and Harris are also the show’s stars, but the cast also includes Hamish Blake, Simon Russell and Leah de Niese.

ABC2 has scheduled the show for 9pm Tuesdays from September 6th, which will pit it against Packed to the Rafters, but presumably it is seeking a different target audience. It is the third scripted local series to premiere on ABC2 following I ROCK and Review with Myles Barlow.

It is directed by Paul Currie (One Perfect Day).

Whether it is finding out how you got home last night or what to do with the rest of your life, the twentysomething world is filled with massive highs, heartbreaking lows and plenty of drinks in between.

Jess(Jess Harris – Rove) and Josh (Josh Schmidt – 5 Lost at Sea) are best friends, housemates and twentysomething. While their friends finish uni degrees, climb the corporate ladder and settle down, Jess and Josh live for the weekend.

The series also stars Hamish Blake (Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year) as Billy, Jess’ on again/off again ex boyfriend; Simon Russell (Thank God You’re Here) as Nick, Josh’s older and more successful brother;and Leah de Niese (Offspring) ­as Abby, the back-up friend.

When Jessand Josh find themselves unemployed, evicted and constantly dodging the dreaded question, “So what are you going to do with your lives?”, they decide it’s time to become their own bosses.

twentysomething sees Jess and Josh set out each week in search of their big break. Their entrepreneurial pursuits include anerotic house cleaning service, guided tours that show backpackers Melbourne in a new light, an elite babysitters’ agency and bounty hunting for lost dogs.

This brilliant, hilarious, and at times moving six-part comedy series will leave you smiling and wondering where these two have been hiding until now.

twentysomething is a High Wire Films and Electric Living production.

Premieres Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC2, starting September 6 on ABC2.



  1. Just finished watching the six episodes, skipped most parts because it was really cringe-worthy. I ‘should’ like this show because I actually relate well to the story line (ie moving, constantly finding ways to get income, travelling etc) and also the characters but for some reason I didn’t/couldn’t find it funny or enjoyable. These seems to be a bunch of privileged twenty something’s (in today’s climate they are – consider the unemployment figures in parts of Europe like Spain or Greece or the uprisings in Cairo) that spend most of their time drinking, handing out drinks, partying…
    However, I still think that more work should be done on this show and it’s worth exploring and seeing what the characters are up to over in Europe (would be great if they travel to Asia, the US etc – heaps of travellers over in Asia). If they work on the character development and script into something that more twenty something’s can relate to but still have a laugh I would see the future episodes.

  2. me and my husband started watching you guys about 3 weeks ago, and we laughed so much i have linked in on foxtel iq please keep the episodes coming awsome, to see a comedy show rather then reality t.v which keeps taking over our t.v stations, great work to all envolved i will stay tuned for more shows every tuesday night 🙂 . jaime.

  3. So if you’ve seen the whole series Trix – it means you’ve had something to do with the making of Twentysomething or your a good friend of the two of them.

    Hardly an unbiased opinion…

  4. The series is an absolute cracker. Jess Harris’s character is one of the most interesting to appear in recent comedy writing. Well worth watching.

  5. Trailer for this looks rather trashy and cheap. Not surprised they’re not airing it on the main channel

    Having Hamish Blake on there doesn’t help things

  6. Hope this is great. The ch 31 version was superb. This and the ‘Julia’ show – could be a banner year for female written/driven sitcoms.

  7. Why on earth would ABC2 schedule it’s first ever Australian scripted series against the #1 scripted show on television.

    What are they thinking???

  8. I watched the channel 31 series and loved it. This show is so clever and laugh out loud funny throughout. The cast is great especially Jess Harris who is an amazing comedic talent. Its a must watch!!

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