Neighbours: Mar 11


Not entirely a stranger to acting cameos (Lowdown, anyone?), Matt Preston makes his Ramsay Street debut this week, as part of the show’s celebratory storylines.

He will appear in Wednesday night’s episode of Neighbours.

Minor spoilers:

After witnessing Matt’s exchange with Dimato, Brennan finally learns the truth of Matt’s involvement with the local criminal. In a desperate attempt to keep her family together, Lauren begs Brennan not to turn her husband in. Will Brennan do the right thing by his neighbours or stand by his promise as a police officer to protect and serve?

The competition between Susan and Sheila is fierce at the festival bake-off. All the contestants are threatened by an impressive last minute entry, whose creator turns out to be former Erinsborough resident, Janelle Steiger-Timmins. The tense competition heats up even further when everyone learns that the celebrity judge is none other than Matt Preston.

6:30pm Wednesday on ELEVEN.


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