Humphrey B. Bear for sale

Humphrey B. Bear is up for sale.

Two years after Adelaide production company Banksia Productions went into liquidation, insolvency firm BRI Ferrier has called for expressions of interest for its assets.

The feature asset is the intellectual property to the beloved children’s character, plus bear suits located in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and the US, a 10-metre-wide television set and a vast library of Here’s Humphrey episodes.

Could the new owners buy him some pants?

Banksia’s other assets for sale include ownership of The Curosity Show and other formats including a kids game show Liar Liar, a quiz show The Great Home Giveaway, and a geeky romance called Shocked.



  1. @franz chong: To be honest I was never really a Humphrey fan as a child. My favourite as a young child was (apparently) Adventure Island. Probably before anyone’s time around here #old

  2. I have a friend with a photo credit card and embedded signature , so no need to sign the back. They sign the back Humprey B Bear and in the last 10 years only one person has queried the signature!!!

  3. Who here didn’t grow up watching Humphrey or owning one of the Bears.I admit to having watched a few episodes in my time even as an adult today.Good educational experience for mums with kids and for big kids at heart.

  4. Oh David….please don’t bring up the ‘pants’ issue….it was that very thing that caused the demise of Fat Cat…..another much loved character….such silliness!

  5. @Brian. Rob Morrison is the name you’re after. The 7News report on the sale last night featured Rob who said that the sale of The Curiosity Show may be complicated by the fact that he and Deane Hutton still own half of the rights.

  6. ‘The Curiosity Show” was a great show, kind of a low-tech, low key combination of “Mythbusters” and “Why Is It So?”. That show’s format may be for sale, but it would be nothing without the two original hosts Deane Hutton and Rob with the gotee beard (forgotten his last name) — a generation of geeks grew up watching this show, might be good for a revival.

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