It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: teaser

And here is yet another Comic-Con leftover (in the nicest possible sense)…. a cheeky teaser for the next season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

If you’re a fan of this show, let’s hear it?



  1. Charlie Kelly

    Great Show!

    Can’t wait!
    Also it’s where i put my fake name for when I post here.

    As Matt T says, “one of the 3 best comedies along with curb and community, on tv..”

  2. Extremely clever and funny show. Definitely deserves a better run from 7… It’s not like every single night of the week is so full of ‘quality first-run’ programming that this couldn’t be slipped in around 9pm.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Yeah it’s a great show. It’d be good if Seven were to give it a crack at 9:30 or 10:00 on 7mate instead of one of the many Family Guy showings. I won’t hold my breath.

  4. Haha Fat Mac! What a champion Rob is to actually put on weight for the purpose of the show!

    some little tidbits. Mac & Dee are married in real life and have a kid, Charlie is married to the waitress in real life and have a kid on the way and the one that plays Dennis is also having a kid.

    they could have their own spin off show with all those kids lol

  5. just started watchin this – in the middle of the 1st season…and yes its good…is it on foxtel in Oz?…..presuming it gets beter in season 2 with danny de vito joining

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