Judge Judy update

Ever since TEN took Judge Judy off the air readers have been venting a quiet storm on TV Tonight.

The show had to make way for arvo replays of The Renovators, while Huey’s Kitchen also returned with new episodes recently.

None of that is appeasing aggrieved fans of the very boisterous judge.

Here is a taste of their arguments:

Channel 10 had got so bad that the only time I ever switched to it was to watch Judge Judy. Now, clearly, I won’t be watching Ten at all. Whoever does their programming is either in touch with the tastes of the viewing public, and I’m just part of a minority, or they just really don’t care, and I’m part of a majority who have are are in the process of abandoning Ten.

I will Not watch anymore channel 10 until Judge Judy returns, and until then I will just download JJ episodes from YouTube… screw you 10

So disappointed Judge Judy is no longer on 10 – it was my half hour break in the day. I always recorded it in case I was held up and unable to get home in time and then watched it as soon as I got home. Please bring it back.

Seriously, How could you Channel TEN! We don’t like repeats of reality shows and we don’t like 3 hours of cooking shows! So disappointed at Ten.I’m not liking the new channel ten, seemed to be a lot better before someone bought a huge stake in the company last year.

Bring back Judge Judy! No one cares about the stupid renovators.

On top of the loss of Peter Everett from Ready, Steady, Cook (and those complaints keep coming in, now having broken this site’s records), TEN’s arvos have gone from guilty pleasure to public whipping boy.

Judge Judy is scheduled to play at 4pm on Friday and again next Wednesday, but on days when Renovators is an hour she’s out.


  1. According to TV Week (and they’re usually right- based on schedules) JJ comes back to channel 10 and affiliates this coming Monday- 19/9/11 at the usual time of 3pm. Obviously Channel 10 realised what a mistake it was to take the show off!

  2. yes i am p*ssed off with ten network taking my beloved judge judy off or just putting on half a show i hate cooking and the silly renovators get judge judy back you have spoiled my afternoons

  3. Bring back Judge Judy – my one high point of the day I have watched &recorded it for years to ensure I never missed an episode. I dont even care if it airs at 3.00am.
    Apart from an occasional news episode it was the only program I watched on 10 – now I avoid everything on 10 – I hope your sponsors are watching & reading these complaints !

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