Oops. Wardrobe malfunction on Good Morning America.

America is getting a little worked up over another live telly moment and being subjected to the horrors of flesh.

Singer Nicki Minaj was performing in concert for Good Morning America when one of her breasts decided to say Good Morning America too.

Despiting airing on a five-second delay, producers failed to disguise the wayward nipple in time to keep if off the air for the live East Coast feed. Ahem.

Now they are being slammed by Parental groups in a sequel to Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl malfunction, which sent censorship issues into a nationwide tailspin.

Gotta love America.

Source: EOnline


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Once again the United States makes a big deal about something that didnt hurt anyone at all. I havent heard of a womans breast causing harm and distruction around the world. I guess america has to focus on something to get their minds of the massive 14 trillion dollar debt that they are in.

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