Renewed: Wilfred (US), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In what must be a first for an Australian export to the US, Wilfred has been renewed for a second season.

In what must be a first for an Australian export to the US, Wilfred has been renewed for a second season by FX.

The anarchic comedy about a talking dog will return for 13 more episodes with Jason Gann and Elijah Wood.

An elated Gann told the Hollywood Reporter:

“I’ve been around long enough in this business to know until it’s happening it’s not happening. Once, in Australia, I had two TV shows and a feature film up and they all fell over. I got one show back up, Wilfred, and then the complete ass fell out of my career and I was evicted from my house. It was awful. I went from hero to zero.

“I slowly built myself back up and there was another stage, I had three different shows at three different networks and again, it was like, “Jason, you’re the toast of the TV scene.” And they all fell over again. I got one back up again, and it was Wilfred. Wilfred just keeps doing it for me. In November this year, it will be 10 years since I wrote the short film [on which Wilfred is based] with [co-creator] Adam Zwar. Even though we only did 16 episodes in Australia, and already we’ve done 13 here and by the end of next season, this [the U.S.] version will be the Wilfred that is the show. For me, it is the show. It’s incredible that the character has stuck around that long.”

Previous Aussie exports including Kath and Kim and Sit Down, Shut Up were not renewed beyond their debut season.

Meanwhile FX also renewed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for two more seasons.

“We had a lot of discussions about it from a creative standpoint,” executive producer and star Charlie Day says. “First and foremost, can we do it? Can we keep it funny and fresh?”

“We’ve been fortunate that this show has stayed somewhat underground,” Day continues. “In some ways that seemed unfortunate in the beginning and now it’s great…If we were seven years into an overhyped television show, then we’d probably be as sick of it as the public. So, I think creatively we’re just kind of hitting our stride.”

Comedy series Louie will also return to FX in 2012.

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  1. with FX, let’s not forget other great comedies they have.

    is hands down brilliant.

    The League
    is also really strong.

    Glad it’s Always Sunny is back, but we knew it would be!

    Although wow, I still remember reading about the insane s5,6,7 pick up it got during s 4. Doesn’t seem all that long ago.

  2. Doubly good news. Both well-written anarchic comedies. Hopefully Gann will feel that he’s now making enough to be able to cover some of the medical expenses of the shuttle bus driver that he was convicted of bashing in 2007.

  3. This is great to hear.

    I’m really enjoying the US version of Wilfred.

    @KFed. Most of the American shows I do watch are all FX shows (besides from Breaking Bad). Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Wilfred and Sunny. Go figure LOL.

  4. Congrats to him..

    I always thought all he had going for him was the bogan character from The Wedge. Now I have alot more respect for him since it’s he’s obviously had slug it out for his creativity .

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