Teen Wolf, Detroit 1-8-7 update.

Next Monday night Seven screens two repeat episodes of Border Security at 7:30pm Monday night. The following week there is a 90 minute TBA slot (no prizes for guessing what goes there).

Also on Monday 22nd Teen Wolf is bumped to 11:30pm with repeats of How I Met Your Mother? at 10:30pm. It’s back to 11pm a week later. Ocean Force is out.

On Wednesday August 24 there is a 90 minute episode of World’s Strictest Parents at 7:30pm which pushes Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour and a double ep Covert Affairs to 9pm and 10pm respectively (very late for a school night!).

Detroit 1-8-7 is out but resumes a week later.


  1. I can’t watch Teen Wolf anymore cause of its time slot, cause i have to go to school the next day, and I can’t watch it very much on plus7… 🙁

  2. @ David – think Seven made a mistake in their programming as after last nights Covert Affairs there is only one episode left of the season (don’t know if there will be more shown in November after thanks giving like usual but according to tv.com there is only 1 episode left to show).

  3. As I am a resident in an area that does not have digital channels I am biased in my opinion of moving shows to sister channels, but I think it is wrong to start a show on the main channel and then when ratings aren’t what they hoped they ship it off to one of the sister channels in the hope that they can replace it with other programming that will get the ratings – even though the majority of the time it is repeats of shows which do not pull ratings that are much better. I would prefer to see Teen Wolf back on at a descent time (9:30pm or 10:30pm), and move Detroit 1-8-7 to a late night slot or a Friday/Saturday night graveyard slot as it is a axed series (as is the case of TEN’s The Defenders). Same goes for Seven putting Law & Order: LA in a primetime slot when it is an axed series. Lets just hope that the amount of repeats of shows reduces in the near future as it is getting beyond a joke – especially seems though networks are meant to be fasttracking shows to reduce piracy and yet they are just delaying them even longer (as can be seen with TEN’s decision about Blue Bloods and Burn Notice, Nine’s decision on Hot In Clevland, etc.).

  4. What would we do without David? Thanks for the update.

    Fans of Detroit 1-8-7 must be the most patient people in the world. This show has been taken off and put back in schedule so many times. Teen Wolf has also been shuffled around as well, but at least it’s on every week.

  5. Yay more re-runs! No wonder people are waiting to watching shows on FTA… oh wait.

    Just shows the final few eps of Detroit 187 and more Teen Wolf to 7MATE and a more friendly time for it target audiance.

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