TEN 2012 Programming Launch

TEN has now announced its highlights for 2012.

They include (NB: list is not complete):

  • Rob Mills will host a Young Talent Time revival.
  • The Renovators will return.
  • Andrew Rochford will co-host a new morning television show simply called Breakfast. His co-host is yet to be announced. To be modelled on The 7pm Project in format.
  • 6:30 with George Negus remains
  • New drama adaptation of Puberty Blues by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey
  • New drama series based on the Great Barrier Reef, called Reef Doctors featuring Lisa McCune who will also co-produce
  • Underground: The Julian Assange Story, which tells the story of an 18 year old Australian who allegedly hacked the CIA website.
  • Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms
  • MasterChef Australia
  • The Biggest Loser: Singles
  • Homeland, featuring Mandy Patinkin and Claire Daines
  • Terra Nova
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • New Girl, featuring Zooey Deschanel
  • Bones spin-off The Finder.
  • The 2-2, US series about rookie cops produced by Robert DeNiro
  • The Gifted Man, featuring Patrick Wilson as a competitive surgeon
  • How to Be a Gentleman, starring Reece Darby (Flight of the Conchords) and Kevin Dillon
  • The Good Wife
  • Modern Family
  • Glee
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Bondi Vet
  • Bondi Rescue
  • The Circle
  • The 7pm Project
  • Offspring
  • Can of Worms
  • Merlin

David Mott says of The Renovators, “So far the format has underperformed. But it’s a brand we believe in so we are working directly with Shine to renovate The Renovators for 2011 and beyond.”

A spokewoman said it was too early to say whether there would be new seasons of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and Junior MasterChef in 2012 when the current seasons were only just on air or soon to air. TEN says it is yet to make a decision on whether it will revive It’s A Knockout.

Still to come this year are Class of 2011, Rush, Recruits: Paramedics and Good News World, from the makers of Good News Week and the AFL Grand Final.

This post updates.

Source: The Australian, Yahoo, Herald Sun


  1. Oztvheritage(you tube)

    @ andrew. Andrew you are destroying my dream!!! I think we were all thinking ten would stripped down to the bare minimum. Lots if 2nd rate US content, basic local news, and lots of advertorials programs to meet local quotas. But at least it appears they realize the need to invest in local production. Which is a good thing. The pressure is on that it needs to be quality. YYT can’t be cheesy like the original. It does need to change its format for today if they inves half the dollars that a overseas franchise costs it should be worthwhile. Breakfast needs to different from it’s competitors. They are having a go. And that’s a good thing. I am amazed it’s a knockout was not mentioned. Cause I certainly think that could work today with the right host Shaun Mc as host would be excellent.

    As for the points you make about gma and ten news- sure other local channels( not networks) had a go in previous decades, but certainly not invest to the extent ten with Murdoch control did in the 1980’s. If ten pitch for the NRL free to air rights will tell us plenty

  2. What a collection of “who cares”… Only notable part is the Graham Norton Show, which will not be improved by ad breaks. Shame, but I won’t be watching it on Ten.

    And reviving old shows like YTT? Did they not notice how Hey Hey tanked for Nine?

  3. Revival of Young Talent Time – I’m actually surprised it has taken a network this long to revive it. With the continued success of AGT over the last few years, I thought it would have been back on air a while ago. The thought of Millsy hosting creeps me out a bit, but it could be very successful if it is cast well and has high production values.

    The Renovators – Despite myself, this show has grown on me and I now watch it each night if I’m home. Fab episode last night at the recycling centre. If they program it not to compete with The Block and actually show them renovating the houses, it will find its audience. The format needs a reno, for sure. Australians are obsessed with real estate and their properties, there will be an audience for something like this if it is done properly.

    @Bo, I agree with you, the Prisoner remake is long overdue.

  4. I see Andrew Bolt isn’t on the list. This is a good thing! His seriously biased leanings are not good for Ten’s news credibility. Glad that George is still there at 6.30 as an alternative to the twaddle on 7 and 9 at that time. (Twaddle – love that word)

  5. I doubt Renovators 2 will make it to air, although there is a good format in that show somewhere if they stripped it down to the basics and kept it once a week.

    In reality though it’s only in the launch for next year to save face for this year – by not including it they’d be confirming the axe of a show they’re still hoping to bring back from the brink.

  6. I think they had to come out and announce Renovators is coming back to try ensure it grows in 2011. If they did thr alternative, we would be all saying look what’s missing. The show is new, and while I dont think in reality it will return next year, it isn’t nearly as bad as people on this forum say it is. I think most of you guys enjoy sizzles more than hits.

  7. The Renovators will return? With those figures?

    Maybe they’ll increase when The Block finishes…but I doubt it…

    I like the sound of the Julian Assange telemovie and a few of those series (Terra Nova). Not too keen on most of their US imports though, The Gifted Man and 2-2 sound rather rubbish/generic

    Also props to them for giving 6:30 with George Negus another year, or at least another shot. It took 7pm a while to start getting decent figures of 700k+

  8. To have genuine credibuility, the breakfast show will need to be 3 hours a day on weekdays from 6-9 am, with no informercials, plus also be run on weekends as well, for 2 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday, so who’s going to host the weekend versions. Cheez TV can be moved over to the 11 channel.

    There’s no way the Ten board will approve a 2012 season of The Renovators in light of what a disaster it’s been.

  9. Reef Doctors sounds interesting I’ll give that a go.
    Great to see one of my favourites Bondi Vet returning.
    Now if TBYG returns I’ll be happy with 10.

  10. @oztvheritage: I admire your enthusiasm, although I don’t necessarily share your view that the junior Murdoch has a passion for television (re-inventing brands like YTT and Knockout says lack of creative vision to me rather than any sense of childhood nostalgia), but just to correct a couple of your points there.

    First, Ten didn’t “introduce” breakfast TV in Australia. Seven in Sydney actually had the first breakfast news show in the 1950s, and both Seven and Nine had various attempts at the genre in the 1960s and 70s (and SAS10 in Adelaide had a local Today show too in the 60s). It is true that Ten were first to revive the format in the 1980s but they certainly didn’t invent it.

    Ten also didn’t invent the 1-hour news service in Australia, either. Seven in Brisbane actually launched a one-hour newscast in March 1972, years before Ten had done it anywhere else. Even regional channel NBN3 had a one-hour newscast before Ten did. Ten were the first to really roll out the 1-hour newscast on a network basis in the 1980s, but they didn’t create it.

  11. A little disappointed in the Graham Norton Show moving to Ten. It’s such a well paced show that ads will interfere.

    But hey – better on free to air TV than not – like the Daily Show and Colbert Report moving to pay TV.

  12. For the love of God…….please tell me that “It’s A Knockout” isn’t being resurrected!
    Surprised that they’re sticking with “Renovators” next year!
    I’m guessing too that Hamish McDonald will be the official host of 6.30 next year!

  13. They should have revived Prisoner, “the most successful Australian drama Ever” as the foxtel ads say. Big mistake and lost opportunity for a potential ratings powerhouse that would have been Inside Out.

  14. Naming a show ‘Breakfast’ simply sounds cheap. Hopefully Sarah Murdoch is co-host and they actually make a new set and don’t just use the 7PM project. Bright and big – something sunrise has actually done well.

    Surprise the Renovators is returning, also surprised with 6.30 wth GN.

    Rob Mills is an interesting choice, although I can somehow see it working. I’m guessing they would get far better ratings on a Sunday in prime time rather than Saturday (Think back in the idol, BB eviction, etc days)

    TBL Singles. Isn’t that just simply ‘The BIggest Loser’ – Original format??

  15. So does this mean Foxtel has first run rights to Awake, Apartment 23, and The Playboy Club? I can’t believe Ten picked up The Finder over these three shows.

    I’m not happy about Graham Norton, but it would be nice if they could fast track it a little faster than ABC2.

  16. @itsglenn — If Homeland and Terra Nova are screening on 10 in October, rather than in 2012, then that’s excellent news indeed. Thanks for the update!

    @alfagirl — to add a little more to Johnson’s description of Homeland: a marine missing since 2003 is discovered alive and is brought back home. An officer in the CIA believes the marine is now working for al Qaeda and is plotting a terrorist attack in the US. Others believe he is an innocent war hero.

  17. oztvheritage(youtube channel)

    It’s an interesting list. While Lachlan Murdoch has axed programs to better his own business interests in Foxtel (AFL and Video Hits), It sounds like he is getting to an age(in his 40’s) when he wants to reminisce his childhood years to when his dad owned Ten Melbourne and almost half of Ten Sydney. Rupert invested in the network to build up its ratings. Good Morning Australia (Introducing breakfast TV to Australia), News (introducing technology and a 60 min news service), while Young Talent Time was a flagship program for the network produced in Melbourne.. Ten invested heavily in the Olympics rights and NRL Rights. Lachlan would have grown up with these programs and he would have been 14 years when It’s a Knockout started. Just maybe Lachlan is showing a bit of passion about his family heritage. Maybe it is not all about the dollars. Maybe there is a soft side there. Maybe Lachlan is keen to invest in Ten to transform it into a network he and his family can be proud of…much like the Packers did. In 1987 Lachlan’s dad had to sell Ten due to Paul Keatings restrictions on media ownership when Ten was at its ratings peak – Knocking on the door of NIne as number 1 network. Maybe the Murdoch’a have unfinished business with Ten in Australia. We can only hope……..yeah yeah I hear you…I am sure the last thing Lachlan was watching was YTT on ATV 10, when growing up in New York…..but hey…it’s nice to dream that there is once again some passion and pride from the owners of an Australian TV network.

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