1986 movie sees TEN tank on Sunday

Sunday night was a two-way tussle, due largely to the fact that TEN tanked -with its primary channel beaten by ABC1.

Seven won from 6pm to 8:30pm with Seven News (1.44m), Sunday Night (1.31m) and Wild Boys (1.22m). The drama has dropped from its debut of 1.67m but if it can settle at around 1.2m Seven will have enough reason to be happy. Bones was a healthy 1.26m.

Underbelly: Razor again won its slot on 1.4m. It has also dropped from its premiere but is holding up well, almost matching its 1.46m from last week. Other shows were Nine News (1.18m), RBT (928,000) and 60 Minutes (1.17m).

TEN’s best for the night was the season final of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation on 855,000. The Renovators managed 614,000. But TEN’s idea to run a 1986 Aliens movie at 8:30 on a Sunday got the figures it deserved: 295,000. Is that some sort of primetime record? Dreadful….

Grand Designs Revisited (968,000) was best for ABC1 with Mrs Carey’s Concert on 515,000.

Best for SBS was Planet Egypt on 257,000.

The Good Life at 5:30pm was tops on multichannels with 379,000.

Seven won the night.

Week 39


  1. One thing that does annoy me if is that this was shown a while back on eleven. Like most people I have seen it countless times. I also hate having my time wasted in watching repeats when you know whats gonna happen next etc! All the stations typically repeat their movies again across all their channels, it does get really annoying if you’re like me and a channel flicker when there is sweet F.A on! SBS are another station that are pretty bad at this. Another example of this was the Matrix on last night on Go or Gem that was on not that long ago. Ten is the home of crap Adam Sandler and Rob Schinder films they love repeating them after the footy on a Saturday night!

  2. Aliens is a fantastic movie, not just some movie from 1986 (and the theatrical version is far superior to the Special Edition). It’s a masterclass of movie making.

    That movie will never look amazing in HD as it was unavoidably shot on poor Kodak film stock at the time and will always have that higher than normal film grain. Although it could work to the film’s advantage, giving it a gritty look and blending with the visual effects work better.

    It’s hard to say why the movie didn’t do well on Sunday night. Maybe TEN just has such a low reputation now no one cared to tune in. Or its core audience has it on home video and would rather watch that instead without any commercials.

  3. I don’t think the fact it is a 1986 movie had anything to do with it as a lot of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s movies do really well on 7TWO and GEM. I think it had more to do with the fact that that certain movie Aliens has already been repeated to death and has already constantly been on many many times in the last few years so most people would have already seen it.

  4. @cjschris – There are no new movies as Nine and Seven have most of the movie deals. Ten used to have Sony….

    Modern Family is moving again to Wednesdays looking ahead at the guides…

  5. TEN is just killing itself.
    Seriously, something has changed with that channel.
    Talkin Bout Your Gen was moved around 4 times.
    It rated well on Tuesday at 7:30 (original run) and then TEN moved it until it stopped rating. Pathetic.
    And The Renovators is just trash. Terrible show which doesn’t deserve anywhere near Masterchef numbers.

    And what ever happened to current movies? I’m sure they’re expensive to play, but there are never any new movies being played. Ever.

    TEN has lost the plot.

  6. that movie is fine, for channel one or eleven or even GO but not your main channel Ten. ok fine if its summer, sure your waiting for Terra Nova to start but couldn’t you have found a premiere movie to air? hell, even Eleven had something Im pretty sure hasn’t been on before. and why air something that was on 11 a few months ago?!

  7. What a Joke.295,000 viewers for a Sunday Movie.Sure this is better than them going back to crime shows or police procedurals but why not some movies from the last decade.They better lift their game or viewers will be lost to Video Stores with their collections

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