Airdate: PopAsia TV

No more Video Hits but from 8:30am Sunday morning SBS will play PopAsia TV.

All the latest hits and video clips from the biggest K-Pop, C-Pop, J-Pop and M-Pop bands. Catch SHINee, Big Bang, 2AM, Sistar, B2st, MBLAQ and all your other favourite Asian Pop stars. (An SBS Production)

The Australian reports the show is an extension of the broadcaster’s most popular digital radio program.

The show runs for 2 hours from 8:30am Sunday September 4th on SBS ONE.


  1. urgh – seriously … wats with all the kpop on this show!??!?! i thought maybe it was coz of the hyndai tie-in or watever in week 1 … but this week they’ve just played a heap of the Same kpop!!!!

    urgh — it’s So bland … more jpop!

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Yes the fact that Video Hits is no more at least for the remainder of this year is terrible and i have not watched Ten on weekend morings since they axed VH. I watched Pop Asia this sunday it was actually pretty good, they had a voice over artist who introduced some videos most likely in the style of a radio show. The music was to my liking but shame i couldnt understand what the songs were about even though at least their were a few lines of english. Still a good show will tune in next week.

  3. Max: Not necessarily true. Just because J-Pop doesn’t have the same sound as what is in the Korean charts, doesn’t equate to it being mediocre.The styles are simply different. The term “J-Pop” is actually very loose, covering anything from AKB48 to Arashi to Mr Children to GACKT. Basically, anything in the charts can be classified as J-Pop.

    I enjoyed the pilot to the max and I love the Korean entertainment industry to pieces but there was definite blatant K-Pop bias happening today (though I guess they are going by what’s being requested?) There are plenty of superb Japanese songs and musicians out there, not to mention Taiwanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Singaporean and Malaysian to name a few, so hopefully there will be more of a mix in the upcoming episodes 🙂

    P.S. Would have liked to have seen the likes of Bi, BoA, Hikki, Ayu, Amuro Namie and Jay Chou on the show today- you know, the artists who put Asian pop on the international map.

  4. @Max & Billy: I must admit I’m not as up-to-date as I once was, but I think stylistically the two are quite different. The kind of Jpop I listen to Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Yui, Bump of Chicken, etc., which actually sounds like music. In contrast, whilst some Kpop is okay, on the whole, mainstrem Kpop consists of girl/boy bands with a million members, repetitive, over-produced music, cliched english lyrics and heaps of autotune. In short, it’s the epitome of what is wrong with all pop music (including western).

  5. Koreans doing Japanese songs is still regarded as kpop. Only three actual Japanese songs in the show, rest were Korean.

    The reason for the dominance of kpop over jpop on the show is due to how bad mainstream jpop (AKB48, etc) is compared to mainstream kpop (2NE1, etc). Yui however is incredible and was good to see her get a run, that pop rock group was pretty decent as well, but that other Japanese song was quite bad.

  6. billy balakalai

    Chris said “I love me a bit of Jpop but Kpop is absolutely horrid.”

    Good one Chris 🙂

    You know that half of the Jpop was sung by Koreans don’t you ?

  7. I remember watching Alchemy on SBS, which was presented by Robbie Buck, Frank Rhodi and Nicole Fossati who all had a background working in Triple J. Alchemy was popular for showing a T.I.S.M. video that was too controversial even for Rage.

    So I will be checking this one out.

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