Tabatha takes over from Video Hits

Reality series Tabatha's Takeover will fill the Saturday morning slot vacated by Video Hits.

US Reality series Tabatha’s Takeover will fill the Saturday morning slot vacated by Video Hits.

Aussie-born Tabatha Coffey, former Shear Genius contestant, visits struggling salons in Los Angeles and New York and whips desperate stylists and owners into shape. The series has already aired on Pay TV.

It will be followed at 11am by talk show The Doctors, previously attempted on weekday afternoons.

Next Saturday TEN also premieres Paradise Cafe at 8:30am. Produced by the BBC, the teen drama is set in New Zealand.

On the sun-drenched Paradise Island, Robbo, Megan, Tai and Abi help run a beautiful beachside café. Trouble arises however when the cafe is suddenly plagued with unpredictable sea ghosts!

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  1. Video Hits was good TV for a Saturday morning – I would watch it, or have it on in the background whilst doing things round the house… I think ABC News 24 is starting to look more appealing 🙂

  2. Rats. Was hoping for another best of The Circle (sad as that sounds). I thought that used to work better on Saturdays. Sundays are a bit more politics/sport vibe and it doesn’t appeal so much.

  3. I wouldn’t rule out the metro network eventually screening Ten Regional’s Hit List TV (soon to be Hot30 TV). Nine doesn’t seem to have a problem with airing some of WIN’s content. Surely TEN would get ‘mate’s rates’ from Southern Cross Austereo?

  4. Following the Doctors at midday is either Don’t Forget the Lyrics or a movie depending on where you live. Replacing Video Hits on Sunday mornings is cooking shows.

    I expected that with the departure of Video Hits, the popular children’s series H20: Just Add Water might return.

  5. Seriously? This will be cheap content but no one will watch. All I can see is a network in freefall and poor decisions being made. And then that other little issue of the renovators tanking…

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